Thursday, October 18, 2007

phew glads thats over

Holy mother of god I'm tired. 48 hours on an ambulance will do that to a person. 48 hours and 22 calls later and suprisingly an Angel of Death, such as myself didn't kill any one. (Refer back to a an earlier post for how I earned that nickname) In fact, I might have very well saved one. Woman having the tingling of an Inferior MI. Just the beginings, ever so slight ST elevations in the right Leads (which are ??? my Paramedic students out there) Bradycardic and slightly hypotensive. II did have to laugh at myslef for just a second as I go "I gonna give you a spray of...wait no I'm NOT going to give you nitro, I'm going to turn you fluids up a bit more my hypotensive friend" Its so ingrained, so banged into our heads that EVERY CHEST PAIN GETS NITRO that sometimes we forget that not ALL chest pain pts should get a spray of Nitro.

I do also forget how much fun it is working when you work with someone you get along with and work well together. My partner last night, we have very diffrent styles. Very diffrent. Both of us are laid back type of medics, but I tend to be, well... very sweetly southern. He's from a whole diffrent side of the country and well isn't. He's a no bullshit do you want to do the fucking hospital get in the truck now lets go quit bleeding on my fucking boots type A, but in a way that you like. He lets me be sweet, all while pushing them out to the truck. So it works. Its gets the job done. I get to be sweet and he well...covers me when the shit hits the fan. Plus, he's a good medic with strong medicine. And doesn't look at me funny when I yell at the crackheads who complain of chest pain at 4am (QUIT FUCKING SMOKING CRACK AND YOUR CHEST WILL QUIT HURTING DUMBASS!)

But now I'm going to bed. Sleep is good. And then The Shins concert. I love The Shins. The make me happy.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds tiring but fun. Have fun at the concert.