Thursday, September 15, 2005

100 things about me.

I have seen all these 100 things about me list. I like a challenge so I get here goes...

1. I live in SC
2. I have 1 sister who is in college
3. My parents are still married to each other
4. I have 1 roommate
5. I have a tail-less cat, well it's technically my roommates cat but whatever
6. I really don't like cats
7. I'm more of a dog person
8. I work as a paramedic
9. I love my job
10. But my real passion in life is photography
11. I got my associates degree in graphic design and photography
12. Paramedic school was the hardest time in my life
13. I have only questioned my line of work once
14. And the call the made me question it changed me forever
15. I don't believe I can save everyone, but I will damn well try
16. Math was and still is my worse subject
17. I can't spell either
18. I can restrain a combative person in less than 3min.
19. I'm claustrophobic and somewhat afraid of heights
20. But I'm on the technical rescue team, which deals with high angle and confined space rescue
21. My longest relationship lasted 90 days...They all last a max of 90 days
22. I have a theory that When it comes to my relationships, You are either on the 90 day plan, or the best friends forever plan
23. I have had the same 4 best friends since High school
25. And we all resemble a character on "Sex and the City"
26. I am Carrie with a Samantha twist
27. I can rattle off all the doses of all the drugs we carry in our systems drug box
28. And I can tell you exactly how many 4x4s we carry on the ambulance(75)
29. CSI is my favorite show on TV. I have all of them on DVD. Both LV and Miami and I can watch them over and over
30. I have a music addiction. I have about 500-600 CDs
31. I also have a bookshelf full of DVDs, ranging from "Finding Nemo"-"Fight Club"
32. My favorite movies are fight Club, Empire Records, Dazed and confused, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Garden state. I watch them over and over
33. I am also an avid reader. I have two bookshelves full of books
34. My mother is the most caring woman I've ever know, she has the patience to put up not only with me, but my father and sister
35. My Father is the smartest man I know. He can explain anything to me in a language I can understand
36. My sister is smarter than me
37. But I'm more creative
38. I paint when I'm angry and listen to Rage against the machine when I paint
39. I am the oldest child
40. I drink and tend to use the word "Fuck" excessively
41. I do not believe in organized religion
42. But do I believe in God and have faith that I am living by His plan
43. I do not like people who push their beliefs on me
44. I HATE the question "What's the worse thing you have ever seen?" when I tell people I'm a paramedic.
45. I don't sleep very well at night
46. I have chronic migraines that I take several medications for everyday
47. I have no patience for over dramatic bitches on calls
48. But I can fake compassion really well
49. Most of my friends are good looking guys That I see more as brothers than dating material
50. I have my wedding planned out in my head
51. But I don't know if I will ever get married (see # 21,22)
52. I have seen Dave Matthews band 5 times live
53. I have only feared for my life once. It was at Woodstock 99
54. My crazy patients love me. I think it's because I can relate to them
55. On the nights I don't sleep I watch forensic shows on A&E and Court TV for hours
56. I also call my mother who works nights at a local ER
57. Several nurses at the trauma center I used to work in think I should take up Forensic Photography for the Coroner's Office
58. Death no longer scares me
59. I have two tattoos. Both I drew, One a tribal design inbetween my shoulders and a cadusas on my lower back. I have two more drawn, the Irish words for artist and to heal
60. The TV character I relate to the most I think, is Abby on NCIS
61. I read can books over and over even though I know the ending if I like them
62. I'm a Scorpio, and have some of the characteristics of a typical Scorpio
63. I went to Mardi Gras last year and New Orleans holds a certain place in my heart
64. I have only flown on an airplane twice, once to Boston and once to New Orleans
65. I had a breast reduction three years ago. I went from a size E to a C
66. I am an excellent liar, but I save that skill for when I really need to use it
67. I don't understand why I have 12 supervisors
68. But I respect all of them
69. I can get frustrated easily
70. I tend to throw things when I get angry
71. I tend to speed and have gotten pulled over many times because of it , but (knock on wood) I have never gotten a ticket
72. I named my car, iPod, computer and camera ( Ginger Shanequia, Lola, Gidgit, and Julia respectively)
73. I'm a mess. My co workers and friends tell me that they know where I have been because I leave a trail. Much like Pigpen from the Peanuts comic
74. I can only cook like four things ( spaghetti sauce, fried shrimp, rosemary garlic chicken, and a mean bean salsa)
75. My guy friends girlfriends for the most part don't like me, and I have no idea why
76. I don't like bananas or artichoke, or asparagus
77. But everything else is free game
78. My friends call me a Music Snob. I will discover an off the hook band and in approach. 6 months the band will blow up. And I always say " I heard them first, damnit!"
79. I learned to swim when I was 3
80. I am in the middle of saving money for a new car ( Xterra), but my CD, DVD addictions make saving really challenging
81. I hate having my photograph taken
82. I do not understand why Pink Floyd is such a remarkable band. Their music puts me to sleep
83. But I think Jimi Hendrix was a bad ass and Led Zepplin is amazing
84. I own a few CDs that I have never listened to, or even opened
85. Same for a few DVDs
86. I wanted to be Annie Leibovitz when I grew up
87. I still haven't grown up
88. I still get choked up when I hear "What if God was one of us". It was the first song I heard after I learned my grandmother had died
89. I do not cry at movies
90. (ten more to go) One of my favorite photos from my childhood is the one of me and my dad at my parent's wedding. I was two.
91. I respect my dad more than most daughters I think, because he raised me as his own, with no questions asked.
92. I have absolutely no desire to find my real father. I have no use for him. I have a dad. And he will always be known as daddy.
93. My best friend saved me in High school, she helped me find myself which gave me the confidence I so desperatly needed at that time in my life
94. I have held a human heart in my hands, I also helped it to start beating again.
95. I pray silently for my patients who are dying when I know I can't save them no matter what I do
96. I talk to myself sometimes
97. I get nervous when I encode hospitals or have to do a refusal with a supervisor on the EMS radio
98. I also get nervous during practical exams for my job. I break out into hives. It's not that I don't know what to do its that I'm being watched.
99. I don't like to talk on the phone
100. (Fhew...done) I believe that my life is full and complete. I am happy.


Anonymous said...

Why did you reduce your breasts?

painter in hiding said...

because they were too big

Anonymous said...

No such thing!

painter in hiding said...

Oh sweetheart, you have got to be male, There is such a thing, I promise, imagine having 15lbs testicles. It was uncomfortable. They are much better now.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm a male, and if my testicles were 15lbs each I'd have some serious trouble sitting down writting this I tell ya.

painter in hiding said...

Yes, you most certainly would. and be most uncomfortable

Anonymous said...

Incidentally...I like to drink beer and use the word "fuck" more often than I should. Mr. A.

painter in hiding said...

The f-bomb should be dropped more often that it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually trying to reduse the number of times I use that satisfying word.

painter in hiding said...

Yeah, I have been trying also, not working very well though. I had a partner that About had a seizure if I said it. Sometimes I would just say it to watch his reaction. Is that mean?

Anonymous said...

The reaction of one's partner is always a wonderful source of entertainment. I used to make endless crude comments to one particular partner as it would make him just cringe!

painter in hiding said...

good, so I'm not alone in my crass entertainment

Adam said...

In regards to excessive F-Bomb deployment: My paramedic instructor has an affinity for the word also... I counted his uses on thursday night. From 1940 to 2130, i counted 69 fucks. Thats not including the ones from 1800-1940, and a few that i missed during my notes. This guy is a freakin riot though. He is not right. But it makes for a very interesting class.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting note on using the word "Fuck". A coworker is currently under review for disciplinary action (for conduct unbecoming) for using that word at inappropriate moments.

painter in hiding said...

Yes, I use the word. However, It's NEVER used around my pateints, patient's family, ER workers, supervisors ect. I know when to censor myself.

brit para said...

Uhh... I've got 15lb testicles. is that bad? should i go see a doctor?

chucker said...

The comments give new meaning to "having really big ones."

But, regarding DVDs and lack of money, check out

I found it about a year ago and I can offer my DVDs that I have seen over and over and "swap" them for ones I request from a huge inventory. It's legal and costs about $1.39 each.

Save money, clear out clutter, get different DVDs to either trade or keep decide.

Oh, sounds like you're happier back in EMS. I'm glad for you.

Adelle Tilton said...

I used to be a nurse before I hurt my back a million years ago. I wish every EMT/Paramedic had your attitude. I loved reading these. (I have CDs I haven't opened either.)

lodm said...

Hello Painter,
The reason I looked at your blog is that I googled "ems reality shows" shows and your blog was the first hit.
I am currently training to be and ems and found some of your post pretty helpful in what I'm going to be encountering, and a bit of a reality check if not a show.
I perused your list and I came up with 28 reactions to 32 of your 100 things about me.
If your willing to read through them here they are:
#6,7 Hear,Hear
#12 Yer preaching to the choir hun
#15 See #6,#7's answer
#22 I have a feeling I would be the latter of the two
#25,26 I'll have to check out sex in the city (I've seen it once)
#28 This info will be usful if I get hit by and Instructor
#36 I have a brother that is smarter than me.
#38 Cool
#41,42,43 Uh Huh
#48 Teach me how to do that
#50 Go figure, and this senario was written out in stone when you were what 12??,13??
#58 Me neither (but for different reasons)
#59 ME TOO!! yin and yang and a simple cross(creepy story behind the second)
#62 Typical SCORPIO
#63 Everybody has their own
#65 I totally understandable ( my mom went through the same thing)
#66 I can't lie
#72 Yer silly
#73 You freak (lol)
#78 Get over yourself
#82 You've never been high have you?
#83 Give Bob Marley a shot
#87 Me neither( there are more of us than you think.
#88 I bought the CD after hearing it once(It still gives me the willies)
#94 NO FUCKING WAY!!!! I can do one better than that.(I have pictures of mine)
#95 I've got the feeling that I will be doing the same
#98 Same trouble in my current line of work.....
#100 Hey look at that there are more people out there than just me.

Anyway, this is my intial reaction
and I happened to be in a mood to respond. I hope it didnt offend you and perhaps gave you a chuckle.

Lucid. said...

I am a student in New Orleans studying to be an EMT-b, just saying that I found your blog hilarious, thought-provoking, and a great read at the same time.

painter in hiding said...

Lodm: actually more than a chuckle...actully fell out of my chair laughing at some of your responses.

Lucid: Good luck my friend, Glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Keep up the good work and do whatever it takes to retain your sanity. (I know, still goin' after 24-years)

Remember, sometimes there is just no better or more fitting expression than a well-timed "Aw-Fuck!" or an "Oh, Shit!"

BTW, Are you a "municipality-based" or private service? I do both, one FT the other PT.

Take care.
A fellow golden-patch wearer on the Sea Islands in the Lowcountry of the Palmetto State.

Anonymous said...

Dear Painter,

My 20th birthday is in two weeks. I started the trip to becoming a Chicago paramedic almost a year and a half ago, and its been one fucked up ride. One day I was breaking 40's at the local punk house, the next I was a private ambulance EMT. Then I was watching a baby come out, juggling meconium aspirators with "Paramedic Student" clipped to my scrubs.

I just finished school today, and am starting my internship with a suburban fire dept. This was the hardest fight of my life, and through most of it, I've felt completely alone. I want to say thanks for everything you wrote. It feels good to know that there's at least one other person out there who might get me. love--mr.b