Sunday, August 24, 2008


I want to thank my boys in blue today. My system gets along very well with the other public servents. Fire gets along with police, police gets along with EMS, EMS gets along with Fire and the circle goes round and round. We all take care of each other. It's like we all know we are here for the same job, to make sure that the public of our coastal city stays safe. Even if the person we are taking care of is a violent crack dealer. I had a very large, potental violent patient today that was tased. He had been using cocaine all day. Possibly injested another couple grams more of crack, then was tased several times to be controlled. We were called for a posted tasing exam, as per protocol, we placed him on an EKG and her was extreamly tachy, in the 150s. But The Cops, because of the patient's violent potential and his size (he was a BIG BOY) did not want to put him in the box with two female medics. "I know you girls can hold your own back there, but he tried to kick MY ass and I have a gun AND a Taser, I AM NOT putting him back there with you two." I explained to the cop that he needed to go to the hospital, his heart could explode due to the tasing and the coke. The cop offered to take him the hospital in his crusier, which was a great. In the same breath I also wanted the best for my what was now my patient. A cop, even on the way to the hospital has little medical training. If he was to arrest in the back of his crusier the cop would be in a world of hurt. So For the good of all invovled I convinced the cop to let me ride with him. With my partner driving behind us in the ambulance. That way if anything happened I could work the patient, the cop would stay out of trouble because he did all he could to keep us, the medics safe, and the patient under medical care. And Pateint care was not compromised or discontinued. It was in the best intreast of all parties involed. So we look out for everyone. Not just the sick and Stupid.


Liz Remus said...

Hey, Somehow I came across your blog when I was adding bloggers in the Charleston area.

I think your blog is terrific but I do have some constructive critisim.

You misspell a few words which isn't a big deal but it gets confusing to read.

The big block of text is also very hard to read. I almost unsubscribed to your blog because its hard to read but I enjoy the content. I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't realize it. If it doesn't bother you, that's fine too. Please don't get offended, I did not mean to hurt.

Keep on writing!

painter in hiding said...

None taken. I can't spell to save my own life :) My mama tells my all the time to spell check before I post. But never gets done.

As for the big block of text, habit. I'll try and do better.


Anonymous said...

You are very gracious to thank the police.
I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.