Sunday, October 02, 2005

I've been working my ass off. 36 hours in uniform. My uncomfortable polyester uniform. Well at least until today when we were able to wear a cotton polo shirts as a summer uniform. But Oct. 1st marks the day that we have to go back to normal blue shirt with silver rank and name tag. So anyways...back to the post...I worked hard for 24 hours running 9 calls. Nothing really of note, except for a 19 year old who wrecked her car in a ditch. We pull up and she is laying supine on the ground right outside the car in the grass. I walk up and she looks up at me, " Uh...Can I get up now?"
" you have pain in your neck?"
"Do you have pain in your back?"
"Then yeah. You can get up off the ground."
"Cool because only my arm hurts."
As she gets up I see why her arm hurts. She has turned her left upper arm into hamburger meat. It was not abrated, it was not lacerations, it was chewed up....and bleeding hard core. She was completly calm, I guess the pain had not set in yet. We wrapped her arm up and took her to the trauma center and she was fine. So it was an uneventful night. Then Ispent 12 hours out on an outlaying truck. So I spent the day shift sleeping and watching Family Guy.

This was the first night in almost a month I was able to go out. So I went out drinking Gin until was could not walk and had to call a cab to drive my drunk ass home.

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