Thursday, September 29, 2005


This photograph has nothing to do with this post. I just think its a cool picture and I would like to share it. It's the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta. I took it from Peachtree St.

I went to visit my Xterra at the dealership. She is red and shiny. I do have to trade in my little Carolla. I loved that car. I hope she finds a good owner, somewhat more kinder to her than I have been. I tend to drive her like I stole her and she has fallen prey to several mailboxes and one deer. But she was a good little car, took my abuse and kept on going. But it's time to move on. I have a big girl job, so I think I should have a big girl ride.

In other news...We have new Neighbors. Three new girls. My roommate and I were hoping for a house full of new men to corupt, however as long as these new ladies are as nice as I think they are, all will be well. They don't have two yipper dogs like the lady who lived there before, so already they have cool points. And as long as they don;t mind the parties we have ever once and a while...They tend to get out of control at around 0400, after many hours of adult beverages. The last one ended in a wretling match that let me with a black eye and another player with two broken ribs. Lesson learned: never wrestle with drunken paramedics. Also invite several police officers so when you get busted for the commotion you have back-up.

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