Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Turkey day and all that crap

So Yeah...Fa la la la fucking la. The holidays are now upon us. The family get togethers, the tree trimming, the over indulgence of chocolate and other sweet stuff, the maxed-out credit cards and in my family the copious amounts of alcohol. We know how to celebrate in my family. Thanksgiving at my house is a wild time consiting of lots of food, drink and very animated game playing. I don't think there are many familys that can turn CSI: the board game into a free for all except for mine. A calm game of Taboo, turns into "give the baby to my father and then tell him about my tattoos" But this is why I love to spend time with these crazy people. Nobody in my family is quiet. I was awakened at 0730 to my 5 year old cousin jumping on the couch I was sleeping on screaming "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" I did however miss the karaoke festival because I was on an ambulance chasing down an imaginary stabbing victim. We did have a shooting though...who the hell shoots people on the day before thanksgiving. Thats one hell of "happy hoildays." But fortuanatly there is video of my father butching "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" so I didnt miss much.

I spent today with my cyclist who was struck by a car last year. He is doing well. His surgeries are making him look more normal everytime I see him. His scars are getting btter, he begining to have a more normal jawline. It is wonderful to see him and how well he is progressing.

Also today I got a speeding ticket. 48 in a 35. On a very small barrier island population 657 where appernetly the police have nothing better to do than give tickets out the day after thanksgiving. Now I understand that I was speeding, I am not arguing that. Give me the ticket, thats fine. But there is no reason the be a complete ass. I get pulled, I get my licence, registration and insurance card out, and roll down the window. I greet the officer with a Hello. I get a gruff "Licence, registration and proof of insurance...I pulled you for going 48 in a 35 why are you going so fast?" Before I could get two words out he says "Tell it to the judge" and trudges to the crusier. So I sit and I wait for my ticket, I know I'm getting one by this point. He comes back to my car given me my ticket and tells me my court date, which is on my shift day. Now I have excepted my ticket I am not going to try and get out of it. However I need to know who to call to change my court date. As anyone in EMS would know it would be easier to try to change that than it would be to try to find coverage for my shift. It's not like a I work in a cubicle in which I can call my boss and tell them I will be several hours late. So I ask the officer who I can call to change my court date. I explain that I am a Medic and work 24 hour shifts. I get a rude responce on how "even I have a life" and that he was having surgery in January and that the date had to be in December blah blah blah. Then he tells me that "the ticket is already written so I should stop trying to get out of it." I tried to explain I was not trying to get out of it, I just want to change the court date, and who do I contact to get the date changed. But he would have none of that...I finally got frustrated and every responce he gave my I just gave a "Yes officer" and silently begged him to go to his vehicle and leave me the hell alone. And he still never gave me a number to call. What a douchbag. I made it home without further incident. So pissed I was crying at this point. I go up stairs explain to my family what had just happened and they tell me to call the Muni court they will help me. Now How hard would it have been for the police to tell me that?


NotQuiteHere said...

Very apparently. Sorry you had such a bad experience hon. I dont know if you believe in Karma but if you do then remember he'll get it back!

Stacey said...

Sounds like one of the cops who used to work in my crap town. The dude finaly was "encouraged to resign" because he was having a massive power trip. He kept making the sherriffs and troopers late for work becuase he would pull them over for stupid stuff like driving through a yellow light or not turning their blinker on 200 feet before turning, or not waiting for 15 and 1/2 seconds at a stop sign... you get the picture

Anonymous said...

Interesting insights on your family. You and they all sound very lively. Too bad about the ticket. Sounds like your new best friend is very unhappy with his life and his method of coping is to make others miserable too. How sad for him. I know you are so much better than that.