Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Miss you long time


I know I promised paintings next...however I have to get the negitives of the portfolio pieces scanned so as soon as that gets done I will pos painting. Till then enjoy the photgraphy damnit.

Long time no write. Actually life has been pret-ty dull here in Chucktown. Other than the drunken debachery at my birthday party last weekend most of which I lost in the bottom of Tangeray. No lives to be snatched from the greedy jaws of death. No bloody messes to be cleaned up and swept off to the ER in a rush of lights and sound. Just a bunch of bullshit...and a crowd of violent hypoglycemics (or NGAH; translation: No Groceries At Home) that have to be restrained with several pairs of handcuffs generously donated for the transport by the City Police Department. It has been slow in life as well as work. I just felt I needed to write something...anything...


Anonymous said...

Incredible photo! I really like it.

Not to worry. I did all the snatching from the jaws...etc. for the both of us this past 10 days. Nasty looking snow is falling now (not my favorite gently falling type) and I have a few days off.

Mr. A

painter in hiding said...

Thanks. Where are you that it is snowing?!? It been the 70s 80s here. Gotta love the south

Anonymous said...

In the midst of deep forests and the fresh water seas...Michigan.