Monday, February 13, 2006

Slow shift

It was a full moon last night and I'll be damn if we didn't transport a single patient yesterday. Three calls and nobody needed a ride to the hospital. I geuss the cold is keeping everyone inside. The firemen were busier than we were. It's been a slow couple of shifts, so that probally means a bad call is over the horizon. That how it works for me we have slow shifts then BAM a sick as shit patient. I aslo am finishing up my acting crew cheif packet so that by March I will be Acting. They want to put me in charge of a truck, what are they thinking? But I will say my partner is helping me with it. He is pushing me to be more self confident in my decision making, which is my flaw as a medic. I tend to rely on my crew cheif partner alot for decisions on transport ( should we or shouldn't we) or whether or not to treat really aggressivly on those patients that fall into that grey area of sick ( you know, yeah they might be sick, but are they so sick as to treat with all the drugs and other goodies in my arsonal, or can I make it to the hospital and let he MDs figure it out. I know my fellow medics know what I'm talking about). I have the skills down, my drug calcs need some work. I'm an artist damnit not a math whiz. But my medicine is usually right on. At least that what all my evals tell me.

I also got my tax refund which is nice because this past check was really short as I did not have any OT on it because I had a few sick days when I was down for the count with a really heinous cold. I even had some of the cash let over to buy myself one little new toy. An iPod. I had an older iPod but the click wheel quit working, so I upgraded to a new video one. I must say it is a cool little thing. I named her Lolita for she is a slick, sexy black as opposed to my old white one who I had named Lola after a Kink's song. I'm a big ol' geek I know. I really need professional help. But simple pleasures amuse simple minds.

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Anonymous said...

I have a simple rule for treating pts. : If you think they might need the procedure, they probably do. Don't be afraid to slightly less than 100% correct. 90-95% is probably better than most of us will ever do. Finally, in medicine, there's often more than one right answer. Some may be more right than others, but right is still right.