Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My days off

well it's getting longer and longer between posts and I apologize. I have been expressing my creativity through other outlets recently and had a serious case of writer's block. I am reaching the end of my 8 day streach off. It's been nice, not having to think about whether or not I was going to have to dodge spit, supervisors, and any other myrid of substances that can possible get tossed at me during any given shift. I haven't even thought about my Acting Crew Cheif package for a week. I have just wondered what bottle of Yellow Tail will I be enjoying tonight. Tonight's choice the Shiraz. I have also been watching hours of the CSI francise. All of them...For hours...I just finished season three of Miami. I'm such a geek. I could sit here and tell yall all about the pors and cons of all three. I have also become a champ of the Horacio Caine Drinking game.

I also spent the weekend running amock in Atlanta GA. My best friend and I were going to go to see Brandi Carlile play at some hole in the wall joint, however the show sold out before I could get tickets. But we went anyways and saw some of her old friends and my family. I also spent a weeks pay at Ikea. Who needs electircity when I have this fabulous new duvet, right? My BFF and I take these raodtrips occasionally. Our last one was basiclly us getting in the car and driving south till we felt like stopping. We ended up in St. Augustine FL. This time we planned on see this show, but even though it was sold out we still went and hung out with my wonderful cousins. These are the same cousins that banked my trip of New Orleans last year for Mardi Gras. Took care of my plane ticket, hotel at a five star hotel on Canal Street, and pass to the Endymoin Ball at the Superdome. All just so I could go with them and expereince the whole Mardi Gras. They are wonderfully generous when it comes to me...and my friends.


Anonymous said...

For some unknown reason every comment I tried to post prior to now has failed. In any case I'm glad to see a post from you. Any post is truly better than no post at all.


painter in hiding said...

I was wondering where you were :)