Monday, May 08, 2006

another sleepless night

The other moring I wasn't able to get to sleep. It wasn't because of pain or anything. I just couldn't get to sleep. I tried everything, reading, soft music. I turned off everything TV Stereo. Nothing worked. So I ended up staying up ALL NIGHT. It sucked...but at sunrise I drove out to the beach and took some photographs. I got off about 200 pictures and when I got home, I went right to sleep. I just needed a little Nikon Therapy I guess. The photos below are some of them I took.

I'm still having pain in my low back and my hip. Sometimes its does go down to my ankle, but thats getting better. It's been raining here, so I haven't been able to get my walk in and I can really tell a differance when I don't walk. I tend to have more pain and I feel more sluggish. But all and all It's getting better. It's still looking to be mid June until I will be able to go back to work. I'm still scared I won't be able to go back to the job I love. I have been looking into becoming a respiratory therapist, that is if I am not able to be a paramedic. Even though I love my job, and it is by far the coolest job of all of my non medical friends, I don't to be a cripple with severe chronic pain before I'm 30.
Well it's 0330 and Im actually tired, as a normal person should be at this hour. So I am going to say goodnight...until next time

One more thing...what do we think of the new show on TNT "Saved"...about the paramedic with a gambling problem? Yall think it will be any good. It starts on June 12th. And also...why is it that Police and Firefighters are always these larger than life, heroic characters, while everytime a paramedic is portrayed, it is some severly damaged, broken, addicited, depressing
character? Nick Cage in Bringing Out the Dead? Why is that?


brittish para said...

Uhh...I'm a severely damaged, broken, addicted, depressing character. Is that bad? should I go see a doctor?

painter in hiding said...

OH...As am I darling...AS am I... No need for medical intervention. But must we ALWAYS be portrayed at such. I know plenty of damaged, broken, additcted, depressing and down right fucking nuts, police officers and firefighters. In fact, I belive police officers are the worse of the whole bunch. Why must we always be the red headed step children? Paramedics save lives goddmnit!

brittish para said...

we do? bugger. no one told me we had to save lives! I quit!

painter in hiding said...

HA! No No Dont quit! How bout "we postpone the enivitable"

brittish para said...

Sounds much better. Although I prefer to tell new aquaintances that my official job title is "proffesional killer".
For some bizarre reason they tend to back away from me and talk to someone else.
People ARE funny...

wichitamedic said...

What about the FX series "Rescue Me".. I kinda like the show because I think it's realistic - gambling, alcoholic, reckless firefighters who are always looking to pick up chicks... But I know that's not true for all of fire, just as I don't want to be lumped together with the cowboy paramedics depicted in "Saved" playing fast and loose with the rules (from what I hear of the first episode)... I shouldn't be hatin on fire, I'll shut up now..