Thursday, July 27, 2006

the ghost

Everywhere in my city is haunted. This city is one of the oldest in the nation. Established because of the great harbour and large port. Pirates, sea men, boats, ships. The whole downtown is build facing the ocean so that in the days before god gave us the joy of AC the winds off the coast would cool the homes. There are streets made out of the cobble stones that were used to weigh the ships down in thier home ports before they sailed here. This is were American History starts. I know its not like Europe, where history is measured in 1000s of years. But It is the history of my country. So that brings us back to the ghosts. They are in every home on the Battery. They come in shapes of children, civil war soldiers, and ruined women. Some are frightning, some not so much. I know many of them, because as a child, my father would read the ghost stories to me. My girl scout troop leaders would tell them to me. So call me niave, call me lame, but okay...I believe them.

So flash to me starting at EMS...and my first shift at Medic 10. My crew cheif thought it would be funny to tell me, the little green EMT, about "The Ghost" Yes, there is an Indian Ghost that resides in the Medic 10 station. Apparently in full headdress, and he like to scare the new EMTs and Medics. So for the months I worked that station I slept with the lights on. I never saw the indian, but everyone knows about it. At recent count... of current employees I know of only one who has actully see him. And I don't want to be the second. I am still scared of the Indian. I told my best friend about the ghost and how I can't sleep at the station, at least not in the bunk room. I sleep in the living room in the recliner, with a lamp and the TV on. Just in case the ghost happens to like CSI:. When I told LB about this, she laughed so hard she fell out of her chair. She started hyperventilating. She said in between breaths "You, my big, strong, best friend, that sees dead bodies, can save lives that can drive an ambulance like she stole it in on coming traffic, and is scared of nothing, is frightened by a ghost she doesn't even know exsits". Yes, and you can qiut laughing at me now. I might not know much, but I do know better than to fuck with the afterlife.


Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective. I'd love to see a ghost sometime. I have an interesting URL for you to look at but I need to have more time to find it. I'll post it later.


bmuller said...

I've slept in M10 a few times and never saw the ghost. I was quite dissapointed.

Maria said...

Seeing one isn't anywhere near as scary as seeing/hearing/feeling their effect on a place they are haunting. I moved into my parents' place when I came to Oregon. They had bought the house from the previous owner. Her husband had died and she needed a smaller place. Turns out he never left. Things went bump in the night. Doors rattled, and chandeliers swung. One morning I got up and foudn every single glass lamp shade turned upside-down. They were dusty, and there were no fingerprints in the dust! My mother totally freaked one night when she went back to bed after using the bathroom. She laid down, and suddenly someone very close to her ear said, "SHHHHHHH!" My dad was fast asleep, but not for long, I can tell ya! Shortly before I moved out, my fiance stayed over. He slept on the couch (my parents were nome!) and in the middle of the night, someone pulled the pillow out from under his head and said, "Get out!" He never stayed over again!

brit para said...

"don't fuck with the afterlife"
very true: we are SO outnumbered by them it'd be a massacre!

Anonymous said...

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