Friday, July 21, 2006

The post is dedicated to a a reader of my blog who doesn't have anything to do in EMS and wants to know what all the accronyms and abrivations mean. So here are some we use, some official medical terms, some not so much...

LSB: long spine board
CSpine: the whole package with the Collar, board, straps,tape used for neck and back injuries. It's kinda like a whole body splint.
CAOx3: conscious alert and oriented to place date and name
PMSx4 pulse motor and sensation in all 4 limbs
SOB: Shortness of breath
CP: chest pain
SZ: Seizure
HTN: hypertension
IDDM/ NIDDM: diebeties (insulin and non insulin dependent)
PERL: pupils equal reactive to light
ALS; ain't liftin' shit or advanced life support
BLS: Be liftin shit or basic life support
CPR: cardio-pulmonary rescu
FUBAR: fucked up beyond all reconition
CATS: cut all to shit
CTD: circling the drain
WUD: woke up dead
TSTL/D: to stupid to live/die
FDGB: Fall down go boom
DFO/IC: Done fall out /in church
ART: assuming room temperature
DRT: Dead right thar
HIBGIA: Had it before, got it again
TBC: total body crunch
CHF: congestive Heart failure
MI: Myocardial infarction
CVA: cerebral vascular accident
MVA: motor vehicle accident
HA: headache
NGAH: no groceries at home
FOW: fish outta water (Seizure)

Now those are just some...comment if you got new ones. I always need a chuckle.


Anonymous said...

Good list! It's surprising how many of those we use too!

Anonymous said...

Um...That last one was from me.


Anonymous said...

How about PFO - pissed and feel over
Aussie term pissed = drunk

Cheers Darwin

Anonymous said...

to my strange little girl...
don't forget TFN (totally fuckin' nuts)


painter in hiding said...

Thanks Mom,
I forgot that one. I guess I need to do an upgraded list. I though of a few more.