Thursday, August 24, 2006

All in a days work

I worked last night, not inside, but back on the streets. I am beginning to re-think the whole ER thing. This has been a harder transition than I thought it would be. I really do love the streets, I went from being a totally green EMT to a pretty good Paramedic. (Im not the best, but by no means the worst, I've been told that I could be trusted with a dying family member) I know what I'm doing and feel pretty confident in the practice of my medicine. But it will come...It will come (repeat as needed)

My shift last night was pretty much uneventful. No life saving, just a bunch of stupid ass people calling EMS for really stupid reasons. One, I think, made up a reason right on the spot. And one called for get this... He got shot at while driving down the interstate. He then dove into the overpass (not quite sure if he left his car running or if the car went with him or if a car was involed at all) and hit his fistula in his arm, breaking it and thus called us. Now the fistula was fine and the guy had been seen several hours ago at the same ER for "Glass running through his veins" the police called us because he got his house broken into and summonded the police first. The cop called us because he had never seen a fistula, didn't know it was supposed to buldge from the under the skin and it freaked him out. I took the time to explain what it was and "Yes, it is normal for it to look like that. and "feel this, its called a Thrill" the cop was nice enough apologized for waking us up and calling us out there for "this moron" But the "thing in his arm...I have never seen anything like it. Is it supposed to look like that?" He even offered to drop the guy off at the hospital once he found out that Yes, is supposed to look like that.

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