Tuesday, August 08, 2006

they want me to work now damnit

Orientation Week at Miracle Hospital. I have started back in the ER. Im in the AC all day, out of the rain and the heat. I have not completly left the ambulance behind I had a shift last night after my first day at the hospital in the middle of Bumfrack SC . I signed up for this shift several weeks ago. I had been contemplating backing out of it, but then I got to thinking. I could sit on my sofa in my PJs and watch CSI all night...oooorrrr...I could sit on the sofa in my PJs and watch CSI all night AND get paid to do it. So I chose the latter. Money is a big motivater.

What I have noticed if that I have forgotten what it was like to actually work for an entire 12 hours. With EMS it bordom with bouts of excitedness. We are able to sleep, watch TV, or play on the internet for hours at a time, sometimes. But in the ER, the ER never stops. Its like a 6 year old with a serious case of ADHD. It is 12 hours of work. True, run around, all the time work. I got home from my first day back. and I was fucking sore, every muscle in my body was screaming at me. My shoulders were so tight. I just layed in my bathtub, soaking in lavender and vanilla with a bottle of Yellow Tail until the water got cold. Then I iced my aching back. Followed by crashing hardcore without the pharmacutical help of Ambien I have been grown used to.

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Mama Mia said...

Welcome back to my world - my family never quite understands why I am so physically exhausted at the end of a 12 hour shift, especially an evening shift...