Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rambles On About Nothing is my indian name

Well, I really have nothing to report. I just felt like writing. So here I sits, and thinks about nothing in particular. Listening to Some new music I got with my iTunes christmas cards. Wishing I had bought Bloc Party's new one and The Shins, the one with The New Slang on it. But I was feeling more Goldfrapp and TV on the Radio that day. So next time. I shot off a couple rolls of film today. Yes, seriously, film. People still shoot with film. Even I put down the digital Nikon occasionaly and pick up something old skool, like today I shot with a Holga. For those unfamiler, it s a plastic toy camera. It distorts, light leaks, the colors are all twisty. Well, I shot B&W, but I'm looking forward to getting the film developed. Maybe I will go back into the darkroom.

The foot is healing. I have one pin and one screw left. They come out hopefully at the end of the month. Then back to the streets. I miss my job, my real job, not my fake sit in front of a computer all day job. I just don't have the attention span for it. I get all distracted by everything else besides what I'm actually supposed to be doing. I don't know if anyone else out there knows waht ICD-9 codes are, but they are the bane of my existance right now. I do get the read the narritives from the run sheets, which can be entertaining. But people who type there reports in ALL CAPS I hate that. ITS LIKE YOU ARE SCREAMING!. AND IT MAKES THEM HARD TO READ. There is also someone who mispells the same word on every report. Now I'm a terrible speller and my typos have caused more than one of my reports to be kicked back to me. But seriously, its a simple word. And it's on every single report, so I'm just saying. There is one medic in particular who writing style I really like though (makes me laugh) and another who tries to put as many quoted four letter words as possible in one report. (also makes me laugh) The record is 6 F bombs. Some use nothing but Acronyms, other spell everything out. I am partial to the acronyms myself (CHF, HTN, NTG, ASA, HONDA, DFO/IC, NGAH, BBSCTA, CAOx3, PMSx4...ect...ect)I have also learned that two alcoholic beverages is still the average number for the absolutly smashed (who came up with the two drink rule?), but crack binges last on average about four days.

Finally over the strep. Throat's still sore, but at least I feel much much better. And the fever broke yesterday. I have been able to eat something besides tylenol and grape popcicles (my favorite, right up there with green jello)

Okay thats all I got.


Anonymous said...

The 2 drink min/max seems to be universal. The next time you get bored look up some of the odder (more odd?) ICD-9 codes such as: "Struck by falling aircraft", and "Collision with spacecraft".


chucker said...

Hey, look forward to seeing some twisted viewpoints from your Holga.

Are you familiar with the name Weegee, a NYC photographer who did some really warped pictures years ago? Google that name.

There are only 2 steps at Madra Rua, site of the PubBlog next Sunday. Hobble on over!

painter in hiding said...

There is one actually programed into our computers that is ASSAULT by: M80 Tank. (is that right?, anyways, who gets assaulted with a tank?) And Patient Found: Hanging by feet. The day I have a pt assaulted by an M80 Tank and then strung up by thier feet is the day I quite EMS. I have then seen everything.

But Collision with spacecraft...thats my favorite. Why? Seriously? Why? Do we have a troop of intergalatic medics, if so Are they nationally registered, and where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

Intergalactic Medics! Ha! I think I feel a t-shirt coming on!


brit para said...

i'm dying to know what the dodgy word spelling is: mine is dyarrrhea. uhh i mean diareear (or is it diarrrrhoeaeaeae?)

painter in hiding said...

Brit...I can;t spell that either, at least that I could understand. No, the dodgy word is something much more simple. And it drives me absolutly batty.

Anonymous said...

I can never seem to remember how to spell what ever.


painter in hiding said...

yall are actually thinking of words medics commonly mispell (mis-spell?)

think more along the lines of T-r-a-u-m-a. Seriously.