Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sometimes my readers make my day.

I was looking through some old posts today, reading some comments I never saw because the post are so old and I found this gem of a comment. I love it for last two lines.

Anonymous said...

It's 2 in the morning. I am looking for information on croup. My 3 year old has it bad. Trying to decide if we should go to the hospital. Stuck his head in the ice-box. Kinda helped. He's in bed now calmer but kind of wheezy. Scary, don't like it. His name is Joe. He likes ambulances too.

Those last two lines just made me smile. Kids are wonderful little creatures. I don't know how old this comment is, but I hope Joe feels better. Croup sounds alot worse than it is and smart thinking putting his head in the icebox. A steamy bathroom also works.

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