Thursday, March 08, 2007

Computers suck

Okay people, So My hard drive crapped out on me. Fuck. So it will be a while until I can post again. Just wanted to let yall know.

I have been borrowing my sister's laptop. So maybe I spoke to soon. Anyways, the closest place I can get my computer worked on in Savannah, Georgia. You would think a city with an art school, and a libral arts college would have an Authorized Apple Dealer. But...noooo...I have to drive 2 hours away to get my computer looked at everytime it hiccups. Or makes a terrible, horrible, very bad screeching noise that I deduced came from the Hard Drive. So I called AIS computers in Savannah, who I have used before and they are wonderful people, and was told that "Yeah, your Hard Drive is about to kick it, and not in a good way, but run Disk Utility, you know, just in case" So after running the Disk Utility, it told me in big bold red letters "The volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired" So I guess that means my computer is fucked. But at least it is just the hard drive and it will cost me approx. 220 bones to buy and install a new one. thats 120 for the drive and 100 for labor. I would do it myself, but the only downfall to being a card carrying menber of the Cult of Mac, is that Macs are incredibly hard to fix or upgrade hardware. They aren't quite as customizable after the fact as a PC. Still, not a big enough reason for me to switch. I've seen Vista, I watched it as it gave Mr. Gates the Blue Screen of Death during a keynote speech. So went Mac and never looked back (ha! I made a rhyme...I'm an idiot *sigh*) Now I must go and mourn the death of Mac. I'm wearing all black tomorrow.


Chris said...

Does no one realize that a Mac is a PC as well? PC = Personal Computer. Unless a Mac is not

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