Friday, March 30, 2007

New news

Okay, it was pointed out to me that it has been too long since I last posted, so here is some news. I go back to the ortho-pod on Tuesday. Who told me at the last appointment "Unless you seriously fuck up your foot between now and then, I will absolutly let you go back to the streets..." er...or something along those lines, he might have not dropped the F-bomb, so I was paraphrasing, whatever. So we are looking at the soon-est Tuesday night going back to work, unless I decide to get plastered again and fall down some more stairs. But I think the key to the whole thing was the heels, and since I won't be wearing them anytime soon, I think I'm safe. I survived the past Irish Holiday without an ER visit, so we can rule out the alcohol right? Anyways, I am looking forward to going back to my nights of reaking havoc upon the streets of my fair southern city. HQ is getting a bit...ah...tedious. My job right now is finding lost PCRs (patient care reports, for those who aren't medical) We went to electronic PCRs about three years ago. And medics are a fast thinking, but dyslexic group of people, so they like to transpose call numbers, addresses, times, dates and anything else. So in turn the programs we use loses reports. So I take a list of "Lost" reports which is about 100 calls (You do it by month) and find all the mixed up numbers and street names and fix them so the system can find them. It's like a giant game of Where's Waldo...and it blows. Except when you find one you have spent most of the day looking for. Which you then have 30 seconds of "I found it! I found it!" and then you just go to the next one on the list.

When I go back, I will also have to be Third Person for a couple of shifts. "Not because I'm a retard" as one of my supervisors put it. But because we have installed new AVLs, have a totally new radio set-up (we went to all digital radios about two months ago) and these new Stryker Stretchers that are electronic. Yes, you hit a button and it raises and lowers all on it's own. And the legs raise when you go to put the thing in the truck. And it works up to 700lbs (or 317 kgs). And they changed a few of the standing orders. So It's kinda llike easing me back into EMS. Then I will be on probation for and extra month or so and then I will be able to get my acting crew cheif.

So thats all my news for now.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recommend you wearing those John Madden shoes when you get back in the field. You know, while we're on the subject, I didn't know John Madden was a ladies shoe designer. Is that some offshoot from athletic shoes he designed? Wouldn't you expect shoes like that to be fairly stable? Isn't there some ladies shoe that has a commercial where women are wearing them while playing basketball? Easy Spirit I think?
In any case, I'm glad you are about to come back to us. You belong out here.


painter in hiding said...

Steve the shoe designer :) You ain't kiddin. I belong on the streets

Chris said...

Congrats, keep us posted. AVL = Big Brother. And what do they do when the electric stretchers break?

painter in hiding said...

they have manual releases also. so if the hydrolics fail or the batteries are dead you use it like a normal Stryker. word on the street is they work quite well, little bit more heavy if you have to bring in up porch steps or something, but we hardly do that much now anyways because our stair chairs are quite nice, they are the ones with the tracks on the back.