Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm a Failure

Well, I did it. I finally took my Acting Crew Cheif test today. And to be quite honest, I probally failed. Not because I'm an idiot, but because the questions were off the wall policies and procedures that I don;t know off the top of my head. I know where to find them if I ever need them, like the 10 contraindications for thrombolic therapy in a acute Myocardial Infarction patient. I personally don't need to know what they are. We don't give tPA in the field here. But I would have to know them by the time I encode the hospital, which gives me plenty of time to look them up in my field guide. Same goes for the pediatric dose for an epinepherine drip in a bradycardic pedi or if and when we are supposed to ever transport a DOA (they ain't getting any deader, so again I would look it up in our field guide, or just call a supervisor and go "Can we transport this DOA?) I know the doses for all the drugs in our RSI protocol (1.5mg/kg for Lidocaine and the Succs. .3mg/kg for the etomidate) I know that we need online med control for Dopamine and our controls. Athough, Ativan we can give up to 4mgs on standing order if the patient is activly Seizing. I know that any patient complaining of Chest pain, regardless what the 12 lead EKG shows, gets Oxygen, Nitro, and Asprin. And possibly Morphine if the Doc will let you. I know that CPAP has to stay on the patient so you don't cause flash edema. I know that D50 in administered in a patent IV line as to not cause necrosis. I do get slightly confused mixing D12.5, but help is just a radio click away really.

I also know the proceduere if we break or lose a vial of Morphine...or if we wreck the truck...or what to do if a monitor, drug/ airway combo bag, 4 nasal canulas, a laryngoscope handle (why just the handle?) and 3 D-tanks of oxygen gets stolen from the back of a unit while on a respiratory call in the ghetto. The answer to all three of those questions is "Call a Supervisor"

But, still as ready as I think I am to be putin charge of a truck, I still have to pass the test. Which I don;t think I did this go 'round. Damnit.


Anonymous said...

Clearly you want the promotion. You're smart and you know the job. We don't always attain our goals on the first try. If necessary, I'm sure you can try again in the near future.
Best Case: You pass.
Worst Case: You just had a dress rehearsal for the real test for which you study more before you take again.
I know in my heart you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh. One more thing...You are most definitely NOT a failure. You are a competent, bright, brave, attractive woman who positively impacts peoples lives everyday. That, my dear, is so very, very far from failing.

painter in hiding said...

Thanks dear