Monday, June 25, 2007

Moving on and moving forward

It has been a rough week. Well two weeks for me, this was day 14 of a 14 day stretch. But this past week especially bad. Driving past all the Fire Stations, seeing the bouquets, the signs, the letters. It make my choke up every time. I even feel bad calling for Fire for man power, or for a driver. I just want to leave them be to grieve. But alas, life must go on. It must move forward. Their will still be fires, paramedics that need help, and patients and citizens that need them. So we grieve this week and start to move on slowly the next week. We can't be sad forever, we must think, they lived and died doing what they love, what was in thier blood to do. You don;t become a firefighter because the money is good or because you like how you look in the bunker gear. You do it because you are made to do it you bleed fire.

Alright enough about that. I was promoted this week also. They handed me the narc keys and told me to go forth and pretend I know what I'm doing. 80 percent of this job is making educated guesses and making it look good. You could have NO idea what is wrong with you patient, but if you make it look good and keep your cool ( and know when to ask for, or call for, help) nobody will ever know, right? I learned how to deal with a difficult partner on a multi patient, multi trauma, very bad MVA (and patients that don;t speak any english on top of it all). Apparently, you threaten to take away said partner's walkie, as they continuiosly kept screaming on the radio before you (as Crew Cheif) could even get a bairing on how many patients, what Category the are and how many more units you need. (The answer is 3 patients, 2 CAT2, 1 CAT3, and two more units.) The following two day were better, as yesterday I had a very green, but very competent EMT, who is so set on doing the right thing, asks permission to do everything. A nice change from the day before. Not that Im on a power trip or anything, I just need to keep control. It's my scene, it anything happens, it's my fault. I'm the grown up.

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The grownup indeed.