Saturday, July 14, 2007

Angel of Death

Angel of Death. Dr. Death. Double Oh Seven. These are just a few of the names I have earned because of yesterday. You know when you are on your third uniform, you have had a bad shift. When you come home wearing you bunker boots because your work boots are soaked through with blood you have had a bad shift. When the Fire Dept keeps a tally on how many full arrests you have worked you have a had a bad shift. Two full Arrests, One traumatic Arrest (GSW who bleed 2 units of blood all over my boots), and six DOAs (one Nursing home and 5 from a massive 4 vehicle MVA that burned up) is the offical death count. Tweleve calls in 24 hours. The AutoPulse batteries didn't even have a chance to charge back up. The Monitor batteries also didn't have a chance to charge. And of course the AC goes out in the box and of course its 122 degrees in the shade and OF COURSE it was 100% humitiy. Oh and the memory card from the monitor was lost along with my cell phone. Its been a bad day. Fucking Friday the 13th.

But I'm home now, with three days off. I have a big glass of wine. And I'm going to bed.


Mama Mia said...

I'm sorry you had such a dreadful shift. Holy Cow!! I hope they offer your team CISM!!! Stay well.

painter in hiding said...

I'm trying Mama. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I know you're more than up to the challenge. Now take the break you've earned and recharge. We need you out here with us and we need you in good shape.
You know, death can be interesting. I have to drop you a note about that!