Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well it's offical now. I am no longer an "acting" crew cheif. I have offically earned my Sargent stripe, whicch means I have gottan a pay raise, my own truck and the ability to say to pateints that don't meet our transport criteria that they can get the hellout of the back of my ambulance because there is no way I'm taken their dumb ass to the hospital for a broken toe. It also means that I have to keep up with the keys to the controled meds (I can barely keep up with my car keys what the hell are they thinking giving my the keys to the narcs), make sure my very sweet, but very green partner doen't get himself killed because he keeps getting out of the truck on the interstate without a traffic vest, and figure out how the hell I am supposed to get the 400lb inablilty to ambulate down from the third floorto my awaiting truck in the driveway. (How did you get up here, you're on the third floor?!? Why didn't you stay on the sofa in the huge open living room right by the front door?) Actually, it's not a bad gig. I learning to like being in charge. As a crew member, you can't really say much. You just take it. But as a crew cheif, if your CM gets out of line, you can take thier radio from them. Only letting them speak on the radio when you tell them they can. And when working with ParaGods, you can put them in their place if need be. Teach them they don;t know everything and when to ask for help is not a sign of weakness or stupidity. It's just smart sometimes.


Uncle Zoloft said...

Congratulations! More money, more power, more authority... and I bet a hell of a lot more paperwork ~ although I bet you can pass that on to an underling.
I'll watch the keys to your meds if you need help. Actually the way I beat loosing my keys was to get a bright orange carabiner and keep them attached to me.
My one question is why won't insurance companies pay for ambulance service? I know, not your area - the last time I had to be rushed from East Cooper Hospital to Roper Hospital downtown, in 1998, the bill came to $500 about $45 a mile!
I hope you still have time to paint.

Paul said...

Congratulations! However, be fore warned about the perils of command.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I know you've earned it and deserve it.
And what's wrong with Paragods, foolish mortal?