Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are you !@#$ing kidding me!

I sometime wish my internal censor button was just a little less sensitive. I had a a patient last night I just wanted to go "Are you fucking kidding me!?, FUCKING SERIOUSLY!, You are calling me at 0430 for this! REALLY? You do understand you are putting an ambulance out of service for 30 minutes for your fucking superficial on the side of you leg that you got...what... three days ago from falling up the stairs thats not even bleeding... What do you want me an EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN to fucking do about it...tonight...right bloody now!? FUCK!... I am not...I repeat...NOT...louder please...NOT! taking you to the Emergency Room. At all...not tonight...or ever. Quit smoking crack. Have a nice night and thanking for choosing us for your health care needs.

And people wonder why our response times are extended sometime. It's because we are dealing with bullshit like this. And when a real emergency drops like YOUR grandmother is having Shortness or your father is having a heart attack the next nearest truck is 20- 30 minutes away.

Also, think about this people who aren't EMS, Police and Fire...When you see an Emergency vehicle driving down the road, with lights flashing and sirens blaring... slow down and MOVE TO THE RIGHT. Don't get pissed. Don't flip us off. Don't honk at us. Don't think we are getting in your way, you are getting in ours. You are just slowing us down and we could be going to YOUR family member. Don't be that Asshole. Really. Just don't.


Anonymous said...

We have to accept EVERYONE. We are not allowed to refuse anyone. I have transported an earache, a papercut, and countless cases of dysmenorrhea. Someday I hope we'll be allowed to refuse certain cases.


painter in hiding said...

I forget sometimes we have a luxury most systems don't. The right to refuse to transport. We don't have to take everyone if they dont meet transport criteria.

brit para (again) said...

we're having the side doors of our ambulances removed and replaced with a guy with silver gloves and a gatling gun, especially for annoying drivers. just like Mad Max.
no, really.
and i'm trying to introduce an ambulance dog-unit for the scrotes:
"three day history of sore ankle you say? ... KILL FIDO!"