Saturday, November 03, 2007

Didn't Break Nothing this Year

Regular Readers of my blog may recall this time last year I was layed up in a hospital with my left foot propped up secondary to an unfortunate run in with a flight of stairs after several bottles of wine and all while wear fishnets and 3 inch heels. Well, this years birthday had no such run ins, infact no bottles of wine and no fishnets. For I was working. I spent the night picking up drunk assaults and psych patients from my fair coastal city. The doc that was working the night of my "accident" was working tonight also. She was happy to see my sober and using both of my feet. All night I was asked "Why didn't you take the night off?" Well, my friends there are two answers to that question. One of them is the paragraph above. I didn't want a repeat of last year's hospitals stay. I can find much less painful ways of scoring Dilaudid. And answer number two is this is my weekend off so I got the next three days off, which I'm spending in Asheville, NC. So really, whats another day, honestly? So I worked. I picked up drunks. I saved the sick and the stupid, because thats what I do. I even was there when Lil' Kim was having her 3rd child. She wanted me to call her cousin Beyonce, but her baby daddy didn't like Beyonce, so we thought it better we wait until the baby was born. So that was my birthday night. No broken bones, no hospitals stays by yours truly, no killer staircases. Just a bunch of crazies, drunks, and respiratorys to show for it.

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