Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holy Crap, I actually saved one.

The Angel of Death saved a life. Yep. I know hard to believe but I did. Converted them right outta SVT (SupraVentricular Tachycardia AKA really fucking fast heart rate) with a little prayin' and a little drug I like to call "this is gonna make you feel reeeeeal funny" or Adenosine. Now Adenosine basicly is a drug that stops the heart, causing it to reset and start back up at a normal rate, the patient can have anywhere from a few slow ectopic beats to a period of asystole (flatline). It causes the paramedic to have a breif period of "Oh shit don't stay in Asystole". which they normaly don't, but given my track record, I wasn't taking any chances, I had the difib pads ready, the intubation kit out and fire department on the way. None of which I needed, but like I said, wasn;t taking any chances. So this is how it started. Got called to Chest pain on a young patient. now young CPs are normally bullshit...or crack induced, so when we go the address my partner and I were taking bets on whether it was anxeity or crack. Pull up to this trailer, go inside young pt sitting on sofa, CAOx3, looks fine, complaing of chest tightness. I grab the pt wrist to get a quick pulse, but it was a kind of half-assed gesture so I didn't think much when I didn't feel anything. They was about four other people in the room and I didn;t know if [the pt] knew any of them closly so I didn;t want to go over [pt's] whold medical HX in the house. Pt looks fine so we ambulate to the truck. I sit pt on the stretcher and start with the questions as I put the monitor on [pt] and get the 12 lead cables out. Still haven't looked up at the screen yet. The blood pressure beeps that its done cooking and I then look up. and Holy fuckballs [Pt's] heart is just tachying along at 212. Pretty little narrow complexes. Well I know why your chest hurt darling and why I couldn't feel a radial you got a pressue of 80. Lets just lay back and put so oxygen on you. My Partner god love him got a line for me, the only one he could, a 22 gauge IV in the right wrist. Not the best but it was gonna have to work. Which is where the prayin came into play. So I hit her with the 6mg. Which everyone knows 6mgs of Adenosine never works. Then I hit her with the 12mgs. Which worked goddamnit. Even through a 22g in the wrist. I had never given Adenosine before. I have been there to see it work. Be never been the one to push it. And it worked. I fixed her. I saved her. I'm a pretty good medic.


chucker said...

Good for you!

If I ever need rolling medical aid, I hope you're right around the corner.

You deserve a "win."

Anonymous said...

You, my friend, ARE a good medic. Isn't it nice when all of the stuff works like it's supposed to?


painter in hiding said...

Thanks Chuck...and I would be happy to take care of you :)

and dear No...yep love it when that happens. I was suprised. That was not the best IV to give Adenosine through either, ya know what I'm saying?

Anonymous said...

I know! I can't believe it worked when pushed through a 22ga! No matter. You saved another one!