Monday, December 17, 2007

On Rope.

I am now a Level I Rope Technician. Hells Yeah!. So Below are a few photos from our Technical rescue class we had this weekend. A Three day intense as hell class which ended with the building of not one but two massive Highlines over the harbour. we made Anchor points out of nothing in mid air. We did change-overs and pick-offs. We made all kinds of cool shit that my brain can't even wrap itself around right now. But it is the coolest thing I have ever done is to ride a high lie 100 feet in the air. If any of you fire, medical people ever have a chance to take the OnRope courses ( Fucking do it. It is AMAZING. and you will leave knowing things you never though you would ever understand. I had my AhHa! moments in this class.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new credentials. We have some elevated exposures here but for some reason continue to ignore them. Any technical rescue of significance here will be handled by personnel from well outside our jurisdiction. Possibly from S.C. Better post your phone number just in case.


chucker said...

Good for you!

Years ago I was a Marine aboard a troop carrier and watched a Sunday morning transfer of a chaplain from a destroyer to our ship in, what I remember, was called a Bos'un's Chair?

Started by shooting a small line to our ship, thicker lines attached and hauled aboard and eventually setting up an "anchor post" and hauling the fellow aboard. Took about an hour and, I guess, he went back the same way.

Pretty exciting stuff between two ships moving about 30kph in rough seas.

Glad I was a Marine and not Navy.

Anonymous said...

FIW, Chucker, it is indeed called a bosun's chair.