Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Holy Crap Batman! I can raise the dead

So I thought that my streak of death was still following me. But apprently the EMS gods had other plans for me today. We get called to a near syncope...oh and can you also first respond to the Seizure too, it's at the same place, we have another unit coming, they are just 20 minutes out. Sure thing my dear dispatchers.
Medic on scene...Are you fucking kidding me, you didn't tell me the seizure was in fact in cardiac arrest! I can't give too many details about the call because this being the internet, a a very public forum and I would like to keep writing and this is the kind of call that walks the line of "can I write about it without reveling too much in this kind of setting" but I can say the pt was in fact in cardiac arrest, meaning he was not breathing, nor did have a pulse, he not so many words...Dead when we got there, but my dear readers, do not fear, by the time we dropped him off at the hospital, not only did he have a pulse, not only was he breathing on his own...but he was sitting up, talking, conscious, alert and orenited x3 and holding a conversation with us. And when we left him at the hospital, he was on a nasal cannula, and they were trying to find a reason for why he went into cardiac arrest in the first place. Yes...We did some "Third Watch", "Emergency", "Baywatch", "only shit you see on TV" kind of Paramedic Magic today.

I have no idea what happened to the near syncope, the other unit came...nor frankly do I care. I was to busy saving a man's life. With a little help from my friends.

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to the First Responders. Without them sometimes our patient would not walk out of the hospital, like our cardiac arrest today. They started CPR right after he dropped and frankly, played the biggest part in saving their friend's life. So thank you. Without them we'd have nothing to work with. Just want you guys to know that the Paramedics, we do apprciate what you do. We may not say thank you all the time. But here's mine.



Anonymous said...

Good job punk, feels good to know that weirdness can do the masses some god.

painter in hiding said...

Thanks J's a sick feeling once you relieze, holy fuck, he's got a pulse. I had to stop for a second and slow my own down. it was wicked. I'll have to call you later and give you the whole story. I got to speak very stearnly at a doctor. HEEHE.

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING work! Somebody's family has a loved one for awhile yet because of the outstanding work by you and your team! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

BTW. Very professional of you to compliment your First Responder colleagues. They do indeed deserve all the credit we can give them.


Caitlin said...

I'm also a paramedic, so reading stories like this are interesting :) If you are interested in chatting (since I'm not a member of blogspot and randomally found you while on Google), you can e-mail me at

It'd be cool to hear from you!
Take care.

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