Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sick and Tired of the BS

Now we all should know by now I am a very laid back medic. Rarely getting worked up over much of anything. Sure, my hands tend to shake through bad calls, not out of nervousness, but because the adrenaline makes me. I can usually work through it by just sitting back for half a second and saying to myself "Self...Honey...It' ain't your emergency" On the outside I'm cool medic. I'm Eh...It's just VTach Medic. On the inside I'm going "Someone should really call the paramedics... oh crap I am the paramedic." But Thats another post on another day. Today, whoa, was let's see what else we can find to bitch about day. And to top it off I have whatever the respiratory crud from hell is going around. I bought my partner three bottles of cucumber foaming hand sanitizer and a tube of Airboure and a can of Lysol that I made him use every hour today because damnit if he's gonna get sick too. Anyways, Bitch at the Medic day...good Lord, seriously. I have other things, more important things to worry about than where my partner's name plate is. Like where are the Narc Keys and are they still attached to my hip? Seriously we have already discussed that fact that it is missing and that it is getting remade. I sometimes feel like I'm in the movie Office Space...Yes, I have seen the memo on the TPS reports and no... I don't need another copy. I have 8 bosses, Bob...EIGHT. Okay, so we are out of 20 gauge INTs. I didn't;t get by our supply cabinet this morning. It's cool really. Everyone will either get an 18 Gauge or a 22 gauge or just won't get an IV. The world is not crumbling or coming to an end. Chicken Little, my friend, the sky is not, in fact, falling. We have plenty of oxygen and all the ways to deliver it, drugs and all the ways to give them, and the monitor/difibrillator is still sitting on the bench seat so I'm cool. I have all I need. My boots are a bit scuffed and my uniform shirt has a few drops of coffee on it leftover from a little spillage when we hit that bump at 45mph, but I still am ever the professional. I still speak to you, my patients with kindness and confidence. I may have no idea what's wrong with you (as what was the case the other night with my actually unconscious/ unresponsive 18 year old with perfect vitals and no reason to unconscious) but I will treat you as to the best of my ability and haul ass to the hospital if needed. So With all that being said...Very few things piss me off or get me worked up as rudeness. Don't yell at me unnecessarily. Don't speak to me like a child. Don't hang up on me. And don't EVER call a supervisor without talking to ME about what I did wrong first. It's childish and like tattling. I hate getting a phone call at home several hours or even days later from a white shirt, discussing... that I am not allowed to be at a station when the other crew is home when I have forgotten all about staying that extra ten minutes at a station because I was shooting the shit the with crew and fire guys. I'm very respectful to you on the phone, I expect the same respect to be shown to me thank you very much. I state again, Chicken Little about the sky..NOT falling. We can all get along. Just show me the same kindness, patience, and respect I show you and we will have no problems.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely HATE being called at home from work because it has never, NEVER been to tell me what a good job I did last shift. Ever. That is why I never, EVER answer the phone when it comes up with a number from work. Stop answering calls from work on your day off. You are a good employee and deserve to be treated with respect. That includes being contacted by your superiors while you are ON THE PAYROLL if they feel it necessary to counsel you about job performance. Learn from the mistakes of your superiors; someday you'll be filling their shoes.

Incidentally, does everyone where you work too have a nasty attitude this week?


Medix311 said...

I know exactly how you feel. I got a call from another medic one morning saying she was going to call the Chief of Ops if my ambulance was understocked again. I wasn't even aware this was a problem! She had never talked to me about this as a problem. I think its the same no matter who you work for.