Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yes, I know its been a while. But before you all go yelling and hollaring, I do have a very good reason for no posts. NO INTERNETS. My internet has been down since the crazy hobbit med student moved out of the apartment. But I am now in my own place, complete with TV and cable internets. So I am now setting up my new place, with a short break to type this post. Other than moving haven't been too busy. Work is still the same. Actually our system has had a few bumps, but nothing I want to comment on really. We all have our problems. So we will leave it at that. But in my work life, everything is smooth. I work hard. No death, but now extreme life saving either. I haven't shocked anyone back to life in recent weeks. And the most notiable thing that has happened was I got threated by a drunk, mentally hadicapped man who told me "Unhand me you crazy woman or else I will fuck you up!" But my partner and the cops kept any fucking up from happening. But not before he let loose a lugie the size of my fist in my general direction and then he just cackled at me. Oh well it happens. well I will make this short a sweet as I have more boxes to unpack.


chucker said...

Hey, welcome back.

Remember, if you have ANY questions or problems with computers, networks, iPods, etc...just stop any teenager and ask him/her to help.

They REALLY do have all the answers!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I missed you.