Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Losing at dodgeball sucks

I'm getting lazy with my posts I know. Been busy, life takes over...blah...blah...blah and all. Getting settled into the new place. Work is work. Did ya'll know that losing at dodgeball warrants EMS being called. Neither did I. But when the player that gets tagged out refuses to speak and gets upset because they lost, EMS gets called. As does mom. Mom being no dummy realized what was wrong with dear sweet child, and kindly waved away the ambulance. Next time, she tells the kid, suck it up, we all lose at dodgeball every now and again. Today was calls like this all day. People who didn't call, third party callers. And also your typical hot weather calls. Faintings, falls at pools, jellyfish stings...the normal summertime on the islands calls. Not too bad of a day. At least it didn't storm today and flood downtown. Our fair city has terrible draining. Especially at high tide after a terential downpour. It tends to flood really bad over by the hospitals and on most of the normal routes to the hospitals. What should have been a 8 minute transport, turned into a 35 min roundabout tour of the city because the city was at a standstill because to the water. Glad it was only a broken ankle and not something life threating. Then when we left we run into a huge flooded area with a local news crew filming. I have learned from personal experience if you have to debate if you can make it or not, you probally can;t make it so dont try it, especially when a news crew is pointing a camera at you and your ambulance.

The new apartment is nice. The pool is even nicer. My days off spent by the pool.

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Welcome back. I missed you.