Monday, January 26, 2009

Life has gotten a bit easier. No less busy, but easier. All this in spite of having a difficult partner and school keeping me running around, with a camera most of the time. I'm am on a truck I enjoy in a district I love. Though I do occasionally have the urge to duct take my partner to the the stretcher and sent her down the ramp at the Old County Hospital. But the Firefighers and police are cool in The City. We are busy enough that the night goes by at a decent speed. We also have more of our "frequent flyers" in this area. The ones when you hear the address, you know exactly what you are walking into, whether its a bad CHFer, the dialysis crackwhore who is fine when you get there and within seconds of arrival goes downhill, or the crazy old lady with all the cats and vodka. You just know them, you know their names, you know thier allergies, you know that NTG doesn't touch the pulmonary edema and the only thing that will save them is a fast ride and CPAP. There are always suprises, like pulling up to the Stretch Limo that was involved in a minor MVA, with 22 drunks piled into it. You know it's bad when I yell, I had to yell on that call. "You. Yeah you, go stand over there. Unless you legally make this patient's medical descions for her, your input is no longer needed"

And why is it that Overdoses ALWAYS lie to you. Even when you just brought them back from the brink of Death with the "wake-up medicine" Even when you pulled the needle out of their arm so you could start your IV.
"How much Herion did you use"
"Dude, I don't use that fucking shit"
"I'm gonna ask you again, slower because maybe you misunderstood me and don't lie to me How...Much...Herion...Did...You...Use? And don't call me Dude, I'm not your buddy. I'm the medic that just brought your dumbass back to life, show some respect"
"Dude...I mean Ma'am, I don;t use herion"
"so that was just...what?...insulin in the needle I just pulled out of your arm."
They truly think I'm stupid.

Art school is harder than you think. It's not just drawing and taking pretty pictures.

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Nice to see you back.