Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello friends. Yes, again I am sorry about the long breaks between posts. I have been suffering a severe case of burn-out and haven't flt much like writing. But alas, maybe it will make me feel better just to let the word flow...good or bad, without a real care on who reads this. I'm not gonna speak about any strange or twisted calls, because really, I havent had any. They all have been your normal Shortnesses, Chest pains, catching seizures and "I gots the Sugar". Oh wait, I did help with the delivering of a baby. That was cool. Death (AKA, me) bringing life into the world. Nice change of pace. Got to tuck those Wings of Darkness back into the uniform for the night. But really other than that, been pretty uneventful on the call front. I'm back on nights with partner who frankly...sigh. Yep, I think my Senior Crew Chief is afraid he gonna come into work and find that I have strung 'em up from the ceiling with my technical rescue harness, refusing to let her down. I promised him that I wouldn't do that but I could not promise that the words Fucking and Idiot would not cross my lips. Especially now since I'm going back to school and I will be running on Nicotine and Coffee instead of real actual sleep. My fuse was gonna be a little shorter than normal.

So here I am, 29 years old, on the eve of my first day back to College, well Art College, I mean my first class is entirely dedicated to the View Camera, working towards a goal to get me the heck out of EMS. To go be creative. Away from the Death. To make pretty things.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found time to post. Good luck with school.

Anonymous said...

That previous post was from me.