Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNOW DAY!!! er...night. This is just crazy talk for my little coastal town. If the roads weren't still wicked icy, I would drive out the the beach and get photos of the snow on the sand. So just because it snowed, didn;t mean that people were any less retarded about calling EMS. Middle of the freaking blizzard (By beach people standard) "Medic One respond to such and such address in the ghetto for a sick person, no further 43 (information) this came from a 3rd party caller. We will send 90 (police), however they are also extremely 10-6 (busy) dealing know what it's like out there" First problem with this transmission the address they gave us does not exist. I know this from working The City for a lifetime and a day. There are two streets in The City one is a Street and one is a Court. They dispatched us to the Court, however, I did know that it was in fact the Street. Second problem with this was 3rd party caller, unknown why we were going and we were not getting police? I know they were just as busy as us, but hell, the last time I got sent on something like this we were sent into an unsecured, violent scene. I call dispatch, knowing full well how busy they were, but I needed to know what the Fuck I was getting into. Turns out it was a house with a call history, and a nonviolent dude living there. So okay, we went along. Pulled up, I slipped on the ice a few times and made it up to the door. knocked several times, no answer. "County, Medic One, no answer at the door any more 43?" "Neg Medic One, go ahead and get 10-8 (back in service) if they need us they will call back and you have three more calls in your district" Okey-dokey. We got called to a psych, psych, assault, psych and a chick with her period. I had one guy ask me "What took you so long?" after he called because he had non traumatic leg pain times three days. "Sir, have you looked outside your window? " "Yeah, I looked...thats why I called, I can't drive myself, it's snowing." "Well, then you should know I can only drive this top heavy 3 ton skid machine only about 20MPH right now, you are lucky we even made it here, so get into the ambulance" We had 12 calls last night, not one needed a trip to the hospital, but all of them called EMS to take them for there perceived "EMERGENCY" I heard at one point another truck go out for a "depressed person at the pay phone at the KMART" And another go to some "my power is out and I need you to check my baby's feeding tube" Last I check a PEG Tube does not require electrify to work. I think out of the hundreds of calls we ran last night, maybe a handful needed EMS, several MVAs, and a couple of significant SHortness of breaths. But all and all I think people were just sitting around thinking of reasons to call 911.

WHen the snow finally quit and turned to sleet, the roads got all slushy and slick, people running in the guardrails, other cars, mailboxes. For as many Yankees as we have in this town you would think they would at least know how to drive in the snow. But no, its like they cross the Mason Dixon and forget about the white stuff.

I did get to do one thing though...Make a snow angel...OF DEATH!!!

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brit para said...

wow, its exactly the same muppets calling you out over there that we have over here. maybe we exported them. or imported them. or something...