Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay, seriously. I'm sitting here at a quarter to six in the morning tapping out a post in the front of an ambulance on an iPhone, mostly because I want to get up on my soapbox for two reasons.
Reason #1 Full Arrests should have an age limit.
There is no goddamn good reason to put 98 year old granny on an AutoPulse machine, shove ET tubes down her throat and drill fucking holes in her tibia. NO FUCKING REASON! Let me say it again, NO FUCKING REASON! There is atime and a place to work like hell to save a life and there is a time to let go and let them die with dignity and peace. That means not with a bunch od paramedics and firefighter pumping and blowing, desicrating the hell out of a corpse. So say your goodbyes and let your elderly go.
Reason #2 Consolidated Dispatch.
Fuck off.
This shit isn't working, bitches. You are not sending the closest units and apparently have no idea even where your units even are. I do not sit at my station all the time, mostly because I am a social creature. I like to talk, socialize with my other street walkers. I either am sitting at the hospital chatting with the staff or I'm sitting on some street corner with the cops, shooting the shit with them... Because really what else am I going to do? Watch reruns of Law and Order on TNT? When I'm sitting in my district, 10-8, don;t sent another unit to a non emergent bullshit call just because they are four damn feet closer. They are getting supplies or writting a report or whatever. It's my district, let me handle it. Unless it is a dying baby or someone trapped under a building and those four feet are gonna matter for whatever reason, let them finish whatever they are doing because it is much more pressing than that finger laceration that needs a damn band-aid and a blessing before he can go to jail. Or the complete oppisite, people sending me 45 fucking miles to a call when you have a unit sitting 2 damn feet from it. Are you seriously forgeting where you put your trucks? You have a GIANT fucking map up at dispatch that updates every 1 goddamn second that showes you where every single unit in the county is. It's in real time. Just fucking look at the damn thing and figure this out. You get mad when we dispatch from the street, but we get pissed when we pass each other going to calls. So do your job. There is One person up there who sole job it is to watch that map. and figure out who needs to go where. Thats all you do, so Fucking do it.

Okay, that is all.

Im getting down.

Rant over

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