Thursday, March 25, 2010

"I don't like you"
"Well, Sir. They don't like me either" I pointed to my partners and the police officers that were standing around me. Apparently, my patient did not like me because I represented everything he hated about The Socialist Healthcare Machine....and I was there to take him away to his "Obama Death Panel" This was not my only difficult patient of the night. They seemed to all try my patience. Either they wanted to argue with me. ie; "I'm not going with you...but what happened?" You hit your head on that wall "Well, I'm still not going with you, but can you tell me why I'm bleeding?" or we were told about the call in a fucked up way ie; "Medic, MVA at the corner of Ghetto and Dirt Streets...but stand-by there, possible shooting involved." 10-4, Stand by at the Corner of Ghetto and Dirt for the MVA with the shooting?? "That's affirmative, 10-12 for 90 (Stand by for police) to secure the scene." you want me to stand-by at the CORNER WHERE THE FUCKING GUNS ARE?? I DON'T THINK SO DISPATCHER. I want you to repeat back what you just told me and ask yourself if that made any goddamn sense to you. Then after this exchange we get cancelled by The Police only to be sent to an MVA at 432 Ghetto St. WHICH IS THE SAME CORNER THAT THE MVA WITH THE SHOOTING WAS. Can they not see the map? I call attention to this by saying 10-4 MVA corner of Ghetto and Dirt St. with a response of "Negative Medic the numerics are 432 Ghetto." At this point I threw my hands up and just asked if police were on which I get a nasty "Affirmative" I'm not the one being the dumbass here, so you can quit with the attitude. Seriously.

I'm just hoping to make in a couple more weeks. Then I get a short break from The City. I will be going out to The Islands for a bit. "I need a rest" or so I was told. WHatever, if they think I need a rest, so be it. I'll go out there for a little and get paid to watch NCIS reruns and sleep.


Chris M said...

That centralized dispatch is working out fantastic already, I see. Craziness!

Pull Up A Chair said...

Oy vey.

death panels. Yup...

Too bad we here in the USA don't give a flying fuck about providing real health care for the millions of people who can not afford it.

I love your blog. Writing is very good.


Anonymous said...

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