Saturday, December 03, 2005

Music Beta.

Okay Since I tend to buy at least three to five CDs a payweek (or now iTunes had become a better option due to everything being 9.99 and you can buy just the songs you want it's great!) I will try and do 30 sec reviews of at least 3 new albums. This is the testing phase, if yall like it tell me and I will try to keep up with it once a week or so. Cool? Okay here goes...

James Blunt/ Back to Bedlam
David Grey but better. Great voice for a British Recon Officer. According to iTunes he kept a guitar with him while in Kosovo and the songs he created there became Bedlam. He does get a bit whiny in a few songs like "Goodbye My Lover". "Beautiful" is a great first single, though a bit stalkeresque . Also check out "Tears and Rain" and "Out of my Mind"

Panic! At The Disco/ A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
If The Killers and Fall Out Boy had a love child it would be Panic!, Emo with a beat. Songs of Note "Time to Dance" ("When I say shotgun, you say Wedding"), I write Sins not Tragedies", and with it's sexy lyrics, "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes"

Brandi Carlile/Brandi Carlile
I discovered her while watching "Grey's Anatomy" when they played "What Can I Say". This is a great debut album. She has taken place among my top five female artists ranking somewhere between #2 Liz Phair (circa Exile in Guyville) and #4 Tori Amos (circa Little Earthquakes). Brandi's lyrics are well written and complement her voice perfectly. "Happy" is remincent of several of my failed relaltionships, but not in a depressing kinda way. The melodies just flow from song to song, this album is great to chill out to. This is the album that keeps me calm while stuck in traffic.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your reviews on music. I'm afraid I haven't a clue as to what contemporary artists I might enjoy and am interested in your opinions. I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews.


Anonymous said...

BTW. I enjoyed your new photos.


Stacey said...

I spend waaaay to much money on CDs. I could probably buy a nice used car with all the money that I have spent on CDs in the last year.