Thursday, December 29, 2005

Music Beta. Version 2.0 or My favorites of 2005

Now I know some of the albums came out earlier than that of 2005, So fuck off. I know, so there is no need to tell me. I discovered them (the albums not nessasarly the band) this year. So These are the albums that have taken over my iPod this past year.
God I love iTunes.

Rachael Yamamgata

What a wonderful debut album. Some songs, like "Letter Read", are reminecent of Fiona Apple. Others, like "1963", sound like Norah Jones. But her voice and lyrics are truly unique and all her own. These are songs made for slow Saturday mornings. With beautiful piano and strings, the melodies build a perfect little frame for her voice. Check out "I Want You" and "Meet me by the Water" But I will say I love every song on the album.

Frou Frou
Imogen Heap
Speak for yourself

I put these together because "Speak for Yourself" is Heap's solo album. Frou Frou is her band, well its not really a band its a pair. But whatever. Both have very similar sounds. Ghost like voice over top an electronic sound. Electronica is no longer cold and icy. But now has heart. Good lyrics. Great sound. All around a very well done effort. If you are a fan of Jem or Dido check Imogen out.

Death Cab for Cutie

"I want to live were soul meets body"

This band's fifth effort makes me believe people can still put out good music. It's not all linsay lohan, britney spears crap. Thoughtful lyrics. Well done Death Cab. I do tend however to like their last album "Transatlaticism" a bit more. But still an awwsome CD. I can listen to it over and over.

Rilo Kiley
More Adventerous

I know, I know this came out in July of 2004. But I'm still going to put this on my top of 05. Try and stop me. I love the lyrics, the political comentary. By now yall have heard "Portion for Foxes" ("Im bad news") because it's been a song on Grey's Anatomy. Oh yeah, and their live show is just a good as the albums. I heart Jenny Lewis.

Out of Exile

Never have Chris Cornell sounded so good. The sound still has some Rage Against the Machine's undertones. But Cornell has transformed that band and made a sound that is truely awsome. This album has taken over the spot that RATM had when I paint and listen to loud angry music. My favs include "Bee Yourself", "Doesn't Remind Me" and "Man or Animal"

Foo Fighters
In Your Honor
Disc 1 and 2

Can the Foo's ever put out a bad album? Not even word to explain how fucking bad ass this is.

The Killers
Hot Fuss

"I got soul, but I'm not a soilder."

Kick ass debut. And I'm not normally into glam emo rock, or whatever you want to call it. Brings back memories of an ex who LOVED David Bowie.

Language, Sex, Violence, Other

"Thinkin' bout thinking of you..."

Perfect driving album. Kelly Jones' deep raspy voice and hard guitars makes an incrediably sexy combination. Wonderfully hard and thoughtful. Memorable tracks include the single of the summer "Dakota", "Brother" , and "Pedalpusher"

Make Believe

I love Weezer, even if their lead singer is a fucking lunatic. Rivers's two year of celibacy aparently means that they can make good music. From the radio friendly "Beverly Hills" to the drug indused lyrics of "Freak Me Out" this album is fantastic from start to finish.

So these are my 10 favs of of 05. There are many, many more, but I only feel like writting 10 really short reviews. Check these out.


Anonymous said...

Interesting reviews. I love music too. Unfortunately I don't recognize any of the musicians you reviewed. Different tastes I suppose. Nevertheless, I may try a couple of your "reviewees" to see what drew your approval.


Anonymous said...

OK. You really only get about a week off from blogging. Hurry back.


guile said...

you've got good taste in music :)..