Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My christmas present

Well then...the holidays are now coming to a close. And What I have left with is a maxed out credit card and a brand new camera. My father went all out this year. What I asked for was a small point and shoot Digital camera. Nothing too fancy. What I got was a Nikon D50 digital SLR. Something I wanted but didn't want to fork over the bank for a new camera body. According to my mama, my daddy bought like four diffrent cameras, one just slightly more advanced than the next until he settled on the Nikon. Every photographer has a preferance on cameras. Some, like my dad, prefer Canons, some Pentax, I am a Nikon girl till the end. They are easy to use and easy to find lenses and other accessoiries for. I was not expecting this at all, so imagine my surpirse when I opened a small heavy box Christmas morning to find a new Nikon. Unfuckingbelivable. Now one mistake was made. my dad thought that my 30year old manual lenses that I have for my 30 year old Nikon (Julia is her name) would work on the new digital. Not so muuch. It works in the fact that I can take pictures, however there is no light metering and my apperture settings are wrong. I would have to guess on all of my exposures. So my dad being that he was so proud of himsef for the nice surprise of the camera, and then the sheer let-down that the lenses I have didn't work, he immediatly got on B&H's website and ordered me a brand new AF Nikkor 18-55mm lens. I also got a few other small things like a copy of "Harold and the purple Crayon" ( book from my childhood that was read to me almost as much as "Goodnight Moon"), and a Van Gogh book. A new mixer because I burned out the motor on mine making sugar cookies. All and all a fabulous holiday. Expect lots of photographs posted as soon as my new lens comes in.


Dale said...

Very cool gift!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift. By coincidence I got my daughter a camera for Christmas too. She isn't a photographer though; not even an accomplished amatuer. It sounds like your dada did a lot of research on your gift. I did on mine too. I wanted to find the best one for a (relative) beginner with the most features and still fit in my budget. Looking forward to more pics.