Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Flying off the building

This is my dumbass sliding down a rope from 5 stories up. I really enjoy my job. We had TRMT (rope team) training the other day. We spend the day building a sloping highline using a flying W. What fun. It's like a giant zip line like we used to play on at the river. I was also issued my gear for the team. with my compentancies done I am now an active member, no longer in training staus. Which is cool cause now I get to go on call outs. They mostly consist of calls at the ports and shipyards. We do more confined spance than high angle, seeing that there isn't too many high structures in The City. I also spend last shift with my "angry" partner. He was in a bitchy mood all shift. But I am learning to embrace his bitchiness and just take him with a grain of salt, since we do get along so well. I think if I was not friends with him to begin with I would have to stab him in the throat sometimes. Today is also Inservice day. I would just skip it because I worked last night, but alas it's a mandatory HAZMAT inservice. We get to sit through hours of fun learning the same bullshit we learned at last year's HAZMAT inservice. WIth one diffrence. The City Police department is going to build a meth lab in the county building and teach us all about reconizing a meth lab. You would think this to be an easy task, however we had a lab bust a few years back in a very afluent part of town. We were called to a Shortness of Breath and stumbled upon a Meth lab put together by several medical students from the local med school. So it just goes to show you anybody can whip up a batch of Meth in their own homes.

For the most part it's been business as usual. Asthma attacks, old people falling, and psych patients trying to leap from bridges. One of our local Psychotics tried that yesterday. She tends to jump from smaller bridges, not to kill herself, but for the thrill of tying up several local resources for her own entertainment. However she threated yesterday to toss herself off the Big new bridge. We were called, but were cancelled when the police tased her dumbass and pulled her from the edge. I know several of them just wanted her to jump and get it over with. She is violent, a spitter, has psudo seizures (so she can get Ativan), attacked several EMS workers and has the life span of a cat. She is not welcome at at least 2 of the ERs because she escaped from one, ran into the woods, shot herself with a crossbow in the stomach. Where she got a crossbow is beyond me. It's not like she could sneak in into an ER. The other she assaulted several nurses and tried to stab them with hyperdermics. She's a pleasure.

I love my job...I love my job...I love my job


Anonymous said...

Cool pics. Congrats on your new status. In the pics your weather looks rather balmy. I think we're going to be doing ice rescue training here in a couple of weeks. BTW...drysuit is an euphemism; they all leak.


painter in hiding said...

OH that sucks. ice and a skin tight siut does not sound like a walk in the park

Anonymous said...

It's not too bad if your drysuit only has a slow leak. You really don't get very cold at all. The rest of it is really a lot of fun. We cut a hole in the ice with a chainsaw and slide the slab under the ice. The first person jumps in (his name is always Bob) and the next guy crawls out to rescue him. The rescuer hooks up "Bob" and the shore team hauls on the line pulling rescuer and "Bob" out. Then the roles are switched until everyone has been a rescuer or "Bob". We make a day of it and also practice other ice rescue tactics.


Anonymous said...'ve gone waaaaay over your limit for not posting. Remember: any post is better than no post at all. They don't all have to be incredibly profound.

Ice rescue training tomorrow! Yay!