Sunday, December 03, 2006

best of 2006

My best of 2006 30 sec music reviews

Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

I listened to this damn CD until the thing quit playing. Then I went out and bought the damn thing on iTunes and burned a copy. It was that good. Yes, they did play that "Chasing Cars" song way too much, but tracks seven and eight make it all better

Thom York

I thank god everyday for radiohead. One of the best bands ever. This is the lead singers solo effort. And it is fantastic in all its electronic noise glory.

Self Titled

Think Led Zep. Hard classic sounding rock. Good for when led Zep can't be located in the 13 Gigs of music you have on your iBook

The Killers
Sam's Town

The Killers sophmore effort. It is compleatly diffrent from the glam emo rock that we have come to know and love. More rock, less glam. But Brandon Flowers's voice still is very reconizable and lovely as ever. CHeck out tracks 6,7,8.

The Decemberists
The Crane Wife

play, enjoy...then repeat...this is absoulutly my favorite Album of 2006.

How We Operate

Again...Play...enjoy repeat...Girlshapedlovedrug and the title track, How We Operate, are the best tracks

Bloc Party
Slient Alarm

I compare them to old Blur. Banquet and Likeeating Glass...actually the first 5 tracks kick ass. but really I love the whole thing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium
Oh course I had to include the old favorite of the CHilli Peppers. I prefer Disc Two. But the whole things is RHCP goodness all over

Pearl Jam

I loveed and always will love Pearl Jam. They are like the Foo Fighters in that they never have ever had a bad album.

Joshua Radin
We Were Here

Very good acoustic folky music to just chill out too.

SO there you have it my top ten albums of 2006. Or bands I just discovered in 2006, I think a couple are older, but I just found them this year. Anyways these are my Favs.

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