Monday, December 25, 2006

happy it over?

Well here ends another Christmas. This year for us it just snuck up on us. We got our tree up late, the presents didn;t get wrapped until last night at like 4am, and I had to thrown together a Christmas dinner for my dad and I (Ham, greenbean Casserole, and a baked tater) because my mama has to work tonight (she an ER nurse for those who are just visiting my blog for the first time. She works in a smaller ER that is part of the Trauma Center here. I occasionally get to see her when I'm owrking, she also likes to say "alright hunny, you tell that partner of your to drive carefully and we'll see yall when yall get here" over the radio when I encode the hospital. I'm always saying. Mama!, the people all over the county can hear you. But she don't care. My Supervisor got a kick out of it the first time he heard my mama say it)

Anyways, I racked up quite well this morning, getting everything I asked for. CSI the sixth season, this beautiful necklace from my daddy, 70 bucks in iTunes card (awsome.) and a Holga (for those who are unfamilar, it is a cheap toy camera from Japan or China I can't remember. It used medium format film, 120, and because of its plasic body and lens does weird stuff with the colors and adds wicked distortions to the shot. It is awsome) I can't wait till I can go out and shoot with it. and I haven;t shot film is so long, Its gonna be a nice change. This was also the first christmas I didn't have to work. Granted, its because of my foot and I'm working up at HQ, and HQ is closed today...and tommorrow. So no work for me. The foot is healing quite nicely. One of the internal pins is trying to come through though and it is quite pain and uncofortable. I think there is a small nerve ovever top of it because everytime I flex my foot it sends a buring pain across my foot and I can feel it in the tips of my toes. So I just keep still and try to stay off of it. But other than that, It is quite well. I'm walking on it, as long as I'm wearing the Aircast. Hopefully, by the end of January I will be moving back out on my own. and I will get to go back to the streets. Dealing with my crackheads and tweekers.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'm ready for it to be over too. It was so much more fun when my children were small. In a few years I'll have grandchildren and the cycle will begin again. In the meantime I have time to dwell on the sad things. We are in the midst of an extraordinary spike in suicides and attempted suicide here. How sad...and how cruel these people are to their loved ones.