Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I get to go back I get to go back

Well thank god. I walked into the doctors office today will all the hope of a kindergardener on the first day of school. Hope that I can go back to the ambulance. So I waited quietly of over an hour in the waiting room. Then was brought back and the nurse said "he's a bit backed up" Really, no way, I thought I was just sitting in that room with all the other patients for no apparent reason. But I kept that thought to myself, because I am a sweet, nice person damnit. SO I waited a bit more in the room and the Doc walked in and before he had even shut the door I go "It's-nice-to-see-you-can-I-go-back-to-the-streets-now? My crackheads need me."
"You want to go back to being a street walking crackhead?"
"Yes Please."
"well you can add that statement to the Words I never thought Id hear my patients say list. Yes, you can go back to being a street walking crackhead"
"Thank You...so this is last time I have to see you ever?"
"yep, unless...when is your next big birthday?
"Well, 30 is in about three years"
I actully will miss the doc, he was one of my favorites. He was kind and had a great sense of humor. And most important right after the whole being a good surgeon, has a wonderful bedside manner. Throughout my whole injury and recovery he spoke TO me never AT me. He explained everything and didn't rely on his residents to carry the workload. When I was in the hospital, he would actully come into the room and explain and answer questions, even if the residents had already come in. It's like he takes the time to get to know who he's cutting on. I think he even came down into the ER before I was addmited and spoke to me, which for an attending to do, is well, unheard of. SO I thank him for being so kind to no only me, but my family. So I will miss my doc. But I hope never to see him again, at least not as a patient.

So Thursday night I go back. Back to the streets I call home. I'll be working the City truck. I think I have even found a new apartment. Downtown apartment, in a huge house. I will have mmy hardwood floors and huge windows and 10 ft ceilings. Just what I asked for. And the people in the house seem cool as hell. So everyone, pray to whatever god your pray to that they find me worthy.

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