Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Run...Run...Run. Thats what we did all night. We went from assault to assault. To CHF then to Asthma. The more assaults. Man I don't know what was going on but people just felt like beating the crap outts each other last night. Nothing serious, mostly Lacerations that might have needed a few stitches... but still. Alot of ass kicking going on for a Monday night. Everybody seemed to have a case of the Mondays too, I got cussed at twice, swung at once and restrained one guy who tried to eat my fingers off. Crack is seriously wack. Oh and we went to this one house because her Imagianary friend was having shortness of breath. (Yes the same one who's other imagianary friend was stabbed a last week, he must have notof made it) But this time, knowing better, we didn't go hunting for 45 mins like we did last week.

I'm gonna end today by saying my heart goes out to all of the students, faculity and families of VT. I don't know you, but you are in my thoughts today... And to the first responders...You did good work yesterday. Medicine in the streets is hard enough when you don't know the people you are helping. I can only imagine what it must be like to work on fellow classmates, friends.

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