Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girl...what you call your Husband?

We were busy little things. Running all over the city, picking up people from all walks of life. Okay I lie, it was only one kind of walk, the downtown ghetto pimp walk. We had psychs, we had diabetics, we had diabetic psychs, we had people just making shit up for a ride. And I got hit on twice and one marriage proposal that went a little something like this...
"Girl. What you call your husband?"
"I call him Officer.
"Yeah, for real."
"Girl, you tripping. Where's yo ring?"
"Man. It's diamonds and platinum. You think I be wearing it to work? You crazy."

I was actully suprised the man took a gander at my ring finger and the fact he knew which finger to look at. I wear a silver ring on my right hand, he knew to check the left. Even though the drunken haze he was fairly observant. Too bad he couldn't tell me what happened to his wrist. "Man I broke or sumpin." Genuis. Then there was a schizo diabetic who would hollar gibberish at the top of his lungs unless I I spoke to him. Then it was "Yeah darling whatever you want, you gots a purtty smile" The cops loved that. We saw one of the officers later and he kept saying "You gots a purrty smile, what you call your husband?" I call him "Doctor" officer. I told my mom who was working at the ER tonight about my sorted adventures with the city crowd and my marriage proposal she asked what kind of fantasy world did I live in? All in a days work I guess. Man. I love the city trucks, you get to meet all kinds of people. Tonight will be my last scheduled night on a city truck though. I get shipped off the the islands for a break, even though I just got back on the truck and don't need a break. But whatever I go where I'm told.


Anonymous said...

Working on "the islands" sounds like a wonderful change of pace. Sounds like you get to play "Survivor" while working inland instead of on an island.


Anonymous said...

found your blog by mistake...
i'm a paramedic in Montreal and i thought we were the only ones with shitty calls like people making a story for a ride (or thinking they'll see a doc faster at the hospital ;-)

do you use that Clawson s#$%t ?
i swear, our phone operators had all the keys removed from their keyboard except 6 D and 1... 0_o


I'd rather be unconscious said...

Ok, yeah, I have tons of sympathy and admiration, and I like dealing with stupid people just as much as the next … But really the people at my work, get paid way too damn much to be stupid, and run around from meeting to meeting, and sitting in their cornor office…pretending they know WTF they are talking about. But good reading!