Friday, May 18, 2007

Okay, now I'm just rambling...

Well, I slayed the monster. The headache/ migraine from the devil himself ended yesterday. No more laying in the dark, moaning. I would like to thank the ER, my primary care MD and dilaudid for the help. I was beginning to think I was never gonna go away. I have had migraines for about 8 years now and that was by far the worst. Mostly because the damn thing would not go away. But anyways on to better news.

I move in two weeks! Yippie! My new home is this awesome old house in downtown. Walking distance from everything. Bars, restaurants, little shops, even the medic station. Which is great now that gas is up to 3 bucks a gallon. It is on the Historic Registry, build around 1801. I'm wondering if it is haunted. My new roommates seem great, laid-back people. And the room is freaking HUGE. Its got 12ft ceilings, windows that go almost floor to ceiling, and a fireplace in the bedroom. Non working mind you, but still a great little design feature. The one and only bad thing I can find is there is no real closet, just a bar in a little indentation in the corner. But that is a small price to pay for an otherwise wicked cool place. I have my boys and their trucks lined up for moving day. I am counting down the days.

Work is pretty slow these days. I'm out on the island. Spend my day sleeping and my nights watching Futurama. I have a chill partner, who is funny as hell. Doesn't get worked up over anything. Which I find makes all the differance when you're out in the middle of nowhere. I worked out on the east end of the county once, also in the middle of nowhere, with a partner who I had absoulutly nothing in common with. And it was in a one room station, with no internet, no where to escape. Now that was a hard six months. But this time, I like the guy I'm working with. We listen to the same music, we will chat about photography (he shoots too), sometimes we drive around our district , stopping at old churches or farms so I can snap off some photographs. He will sit and watch cartoons with me in the morning while we eat our oatmeal...or grits. He tells me about his wife and kids, who from the stories seem to be as much of a trip as he is. So, yeah, I like working out there with him. Plus I can work an ass of overtime, then go out there and sleep off the night in the city.

They are still pushing me to get my Acting Crew Cheif. I'm fighting as much as I can, but it seem to be a losing battle. It's not that I don;t think I can handle the medicine. I can, I am a good medic. It's just I don't want to be in charge. I don't have good managing skills. I find it difficult to sit someone down and tell then why they suck. I also don't deligate very well. I just feel I can do it better myself, than to have to explain something to someone. Or tell someone what to do. I know thats how people learn and all, but I feel I'm just as capable to re-stock the truck as my basic partner can. I hate telling people what to do. I'm just not that kind of bossy. I mean I can tell my friends and family what to do all day long, but a co-worker, a partner, it's just diffrent somehow. Plus, I don't want to have to write evals. I know I'm not perfect, so I don't want to have to point out someone elses flaws. I'm just too nice when it comes to things like that. Even in photography school, when we would do group critiques, I was the Paula Abdul of critiques. Even it the photograph sucked balls, I never could say that. I always said things like "Well, the lighting in nice" So, Im fighting the powers that be. I'm quietly refusing to take my acting test. I will continue to fight it until they either pushed the test into my hands or they threaten me.


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Thank you Addelle, glad you like it.