Saturday, May 05, 2007

!@#$% You Drug Companies

Been working my fingers to the bone recently. My normal shift is 36 hours right now. Sounds alot worse than it is though. It ususally goes I work the first 12 on a busy urban truck, run 9-12 calls then I travel almost 40 miles out to the islands run maybe 2 calls in the last 24 hours. So sleep is easy out there. In fact yesterday I ran one call then we made it back to the station where I then slept until almost 2030. So no case of the poor mes. You alsmost feel bad taking the systems money, getting pain to sleep and all. Almost. Then you remember what EMS stands for. Earn Money Sleeping.

Quick change of subject...this is something tah really chaps my ass...

I have Asthma. I take Albuterol. I get two MDIs for 6 bucks. Well... I used to get two MDIs for 6 bucks. I went to get my refill the other day and apparently they changed the canister that the inhalers come in. Changed the propellant or something. My new inhaler was 52 bucks and some change. "52 Dollars?!?" I said the the pharmacist. "52 DOLLARS for ALBUTEROL!?! Are you high? Have you guys been snorting the Vicoden back there or something?" My brand name Migraine meds are even that much. This is for just plain ol Albuterol. I refused to pay it. I still have a puffer thats about half full. I'll suck that thing dry before I pay that much for what should noramlly be a very cheap drug. It's cheap like asprin's cheap. What the hell is this world coming too that I, a hard working American, who works in healthcare, who has great health insureance otherwise, has to pay 52 dollars for what any Medicaid recipiant can get for less than $4. But I digress... Just because Warrick Pharamaceuticals is "going green" with some new fancy propellant, they think they can rape the American people and charge this obscene amount for what is a life-saving drug. This is no Viagra. People who use Albuterol use it because without it their airways tighten up and they could die. It's not like the asthmatics of the world can go "Fuck You Drug Companies, Shove it up your assess HMOs, I just not gonna take it, see how you like them apples!" Because they would be doing it while on a ventilator. And as dramatic as that would be, it's nearly impossible to talk with a tube shoved down your throat. So we can only do one thing and pay 52 dollars for a MDI, or 85 dollars for Verapamil (a cheap Calcuim Channel Blocker used to treat hypertension, among other things, like my migraines) or 120 dollars for 8 pills of Imitrex a month. (yes, That is what they wanted to charge me for my Migraine RX before I paid my annual $100 deductable, which is also insane, but again I digress) It's not fair. I already pay almost 90 dollars a month for health insureance. I pay my deductables and co-pays. Why is it now I being made to dig deeping in my pocket for my medications that I need to survive. Are these drug companies not getting enough of my money.


Anonymous said...

I find it incedible that the drug companies thought that there were so many inhalers out there that they would favorably impact the environment with a new "green" propellant. I can see literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of sources of environment-harming gases. I'll bet the drug companies would make a greater impact if they required their salespeople to drive electric cars.
I know how frustrating it is to take a big price hit in something you depend on in your life. I'm so sorry my friend.


Anonymous said...

montreal medic:

i give myself ventolin when i get my annual flu (usually in early spring) once or twice during the shift...

funny to see the faces of pedestrians seeing a truck going stat on a call with the medic holding a fuming ventolin mask in front... :-)

on a more serious note, many companies are jumping on the "green wagon" to boost their prices even if they didn't pollute before, they see this green trend as an opportunity... nobody can be "against virute" :-/