Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm afriad of horses

I'm afraid of horses. Really afraid of them. I never thought this would be a problem until last night when we had a potentially violent psych patient who was being taken care of by two mounted police officers. As we pull up my partner says to me, "Hey, look B, the horse cops are here. I didn't know they came this far up into the ghetto" Neither did I. I just looked at him and said what I thought to myself was "Okay, you can do this, just get out of the truck." Apparently, it wasn't to myself. "You are afriad of horses?!?"
"Jesus, sit here, I got this"
"No..No. I'm not gonna leave you hanging, I'll be alright. I'm just gonna stand over here behind these other police officers across the street from the big scary animals. I got your back if you need it."

Then my partner and the other officers started cracking up. Glad I could be more entertaining than the crazy person who thought he was God.


Anonymous said...

We all have our issues.


Maria said...

I really love horses, but my ex is terrified of them because he was kicked by a horse when he was 4. Understandable. For me, I'm a total freak about wasps! I know I'm MUCH bigger than a little yellowjacket, but I once jumped out of a moving car because one flew in! (Um, and I was DRIVING said car.)