Tuesday, August 14, 2007


In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, all I have to say for myself is DOH!. Yep that was the statement of the night. we were called to an assault, ended up with a non transport which was good because as we were trying to manuver the ambualnce through the maze of police cars that lined the narrow winding street we made contact. Actually, let me back up a bit. To when I hopped out of the truck and started toward one of the officers to go "Hey lets move either this car or this car a bit either this way or that way so we have room to get by" Now keep in mind there are like 9 crusiers on this street all with the blue lights flashing and a large group of people all around...and no street lights. So our mirrors are useless...we can't see shit. While I'm talking to one officer another is guiding my partner from the front of the unit through the maze. He forgets that we are much bigger than a Crown Vic. Wider. With a very large box. So I turn around just in time to see the back corner of the box crack the headlight of a police car. What's even better is that the cop that was spotting us, that was HIS cruiser. My partner didn't find the humor in it. I, however, thought it was hilarious. I mean if you can't laugh at something like this, what can you laugh at. he guided an ambulance into his own police car. Comeon! That's funny. EMS comedy.

So there we sat for about two hours waiting on the sheriff's office to come to do the traffic report. No big deal. Kept us from running sick and stupid calls for a while. I could use the down time.


Anonymous said...

Too funny!
Is the "About me" intro on the front page different? I hadn't really looked at it in awhile.


Tracy Lee said...

Toooooo frickin' funny!!

(I think you need a new partner if he couldn't find the humour!)