Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Well people, two things today. Did you know that one can shear the ENTIRE IV cath off? Not a peice, the WHOLE DAMN THING. Me neither. But it happened. I saw it, I was witness to it. My trainee for the day did it. I was on the radio, encoding, forgeting that I still had the radio keyed up, when he told me what happened, I went over the channel "You did what...fuck." Then cussed again when I relized that I had dropped the F-bomb over the radio. I apologized, then told the hospital they were not gonna believe what happed and I will explain when we get there. That was impressive. I have never seen anything like that, and apparently, it has never happened before with a peripheral INT; at least not where we could find over the internets. Centeral lines, sure. But not peripheral sites. But everything worked out, and the pt was turned over to the hospitals staff with a slightly brusied arm and a missing Cath tip. The hospital is still trying to find it.

2nd thing...I got my acceptance letter to school....and my loan approved. So I am now $27000 in debt. But I'm gonna learn me somthing. I am still working full time for a while at least. So I will still be posting as my paramedic self. With school updates thrown in. And more photography, of course.


Anonymous said...

I have heard legends of catheter shear but have never seen it either.
I am proud of you and happy for you to be starting school.


axscode said...

It's cool to see another medic's perspective - same problems, different place and space - since as I gather we're on the opposite corners of the the North American continent. Don't let the idiots get you down, but it's those pieces and interactions that feed the truth into the art, whatever that is. Good luck in school. Keep writing.