Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Emergency, NOT Emergency

My mother is a nurse in the Pediatric ER at the local University hospital. She too has to deal with stupidity on a daily basis, and not just her patients. Normally in her line of work, the patients are fine, too young to realize that their parents are dumbasses. People really should have to have a license to have kids...Complete with an IQ test. The licensing center should have a sign out side of it like the signs outside of amusement park rides "You must score this high to breed" I get phone calls from my mother all the time with her starting them out with the statement "you will never believe what this mom (or dad, or auntie...ect) dragged this poor kid in for at 4am..." We all the time get summonded in the middle of the night for "my child is sleepy" I realize that said child is tired, but it is normal for a 2 year old to be tired at 4am...Hell I'm tired at 4am. I think people think that if they wait until the middle of the night that they will get seen faster and not have to wait as long, however everyone in the greater metropolitan area has the same idea. I don't know about everyone else but when I was growing up we had a stash of Tylenol, neosporin, band-aids, and benadryl...And you did not call an ambulance unless someone was dead, dying or missing a limb. Growing up slightly accident prone, I fell off of my share of trees, bicycles, and/or roller blades causing all kinds of injuries. Hell I even ruptured two discs in my back trying to play volleyball with my cousin (an injury my mother did not believe me about at first because I also had 2nd degree sunburn on my face and she thought I was faking to get out of going to school looking like a burn victim). My mother would just clean the gravel out of my face give it a good rub down with Neoporin and tell me not to try a pop a wheelie over that skateboard again.

I don't think some of the people who call EMS know that everytime they call they are putting OUR lives at risk while we rush across town with sirens blaring and breaking all kinds of traffic laws to respond to a "sick party". Then when we do get there we have to listen to them bitch that we didn't get there fast enough. (I made it clear across town in rush hour traffic in less than ten minutes) Even though they have had general body pain for three days. And Drunk does not count as an emergency. Drunk with a Gun Shot Wound...Emergency. Crushing Chest pain...Emergency. Fever times two hours...NOT Emergency. See how this works, there will be a quiz later.

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